No doubt they invented very godly signs, but these have not come down to us. .. some affinity in their external designations with the wares to be dis- posed of, records the following epitaph on tliis worthy: ” Apollo et cohora Musarum. These were also called cogmmlna by a loose extension of the word, until in the fourth and generals in the field were attended by a voluntary staff {cohora) of young men, This story is all too evidently invented to account for the perfected . Pqppaana, ” Cosmetics used or invented by Poppaea Sabina,” of whom Tota cohora, “Illo propinqu& vesp^rft, tribunus venit, et yillam globus miUium sepsit. Extension, It was esteemed a very bad omen if the victim did not go willingly to.

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W ashington Chemical Co.

The tovi’h was afterwards thrown among the gnests to be scrambled for as a lucky possession. As a member and subscriber to the Pharma- ceutical Society I consider that the refusal of certificates of limited com- panies from time to time is an unfair and insufficient means of dealing with this important question.

Among such may be named ferri per- oxidum hydratum, glycerinum acidi gallici, liquor ammonii acetatis, liquor antimonii chloridi, oleum sabinae, ung.

Aiilstaat Phyalolan to Bt. It is to slavery more. Idris heartily supported the recommendation, and said he was able to appreciate the services of Mr. I am sorry that my health does’not permit me to be here.

Optical coherence tomography

Fullers’ Earth Mining Co. The ring wiia worn on the third finger of the left hand, bci’aujie it was heliovod that a nerve ran directly from this finger to the heart. Potter ft Clarke Richardson, John, ft Co.


Davy, Scheele, Faraday, and Graham. Later still, but very anciently nevertheless, we find the freeborri man in possession of the three names with which we are familiar, the mmen to mark the clan gettsthe cognomen to mark the family, and the praenomen to mark the individual.

Gazan i’ Doumin Kahler. The use of relatively long wavelength light allows it to penetrate into the scattering medium. It is the latest work on the subject, especially rich in the citation of authorities.

A painting of a bride wearing such an ornament would make the deacripLion clearer, but any donbt hat might remain would be removed if there ahould be found in the ruins of I’ompaii a similar ornament with its character proved by an inscription upon it. Singleton ft Cole Lim.

Peter MacEwan considers that the imagination plays an important part in scientific discovery, and that science well handled is useful in imaginative works dom.

The School being usually fall, intending students should secure their places beforehand. The defendant was fined 31without costs.

AstUted by an efficient staff of Demonstralort. Rodgers also makes a magnificent show of milled toilet- soaps, made by Mr.

Full text of “The chemist and druggist [electronic resource]”

Taught in Elementary Schools. The bottles have bten in their present position for nearly twenty-five years, and nothing of the kind has ever occurred before.

More precisely, interferometric images are created by a Michelson interferometer where the path length difference is varied by a fast electric component usually a piezo mirror in the reference arm. ROMANS six locks by the point of a spear, probably a rem- iniscence of the ancient marriage by capture, and that these locks perhaps braided were kept in position by ribbons vittae.

Hovenden Sons Kahler, G. Only one or two formal questions were asked and the exami- nation was declared closed. Spirit of nitrous ether was very volatile. The husband met the wife in the atrium and offered her 89 fire and wsiter in token of tlie life they were to live together and her part in the homo. The Coroner stated he noticed by the bottle pro- duced, that there were directions as to the doses to be taken, and that the largest dose was not to exceed 30 drops.


The sale was conducted by a quaestor, and the purchasers were the wholesale slave dealers that always followed an army along with other traders and jied- dlers. Collie said that in all proba- bility gelatine is largely composed of acetyl groupings, for one of the products he described has also been obtained as a decomposition-product of gelatine.

Full text of “The private life to the Romans”

Kremel, of Vienna, gives it, but we have not tried it. But this could not now be proved. There is a considerable demand for a Sepia-toning Method for Platinotypes. The culprit carried upon his shoulders a log of wood, shaped like a V, and had his arms stretched out before him with his hands fastened to the ends of the fork.

Dibdin had practically told the committee that if the Council did not give him an increase he would go somewhere else where he could get more. The household furniture was settled upon his wife before the marriage, and a few articles have since been purchased by ‘her from her own resources.

In January last Mr. The story is of no particular interest, but the notes and excursuses are of the first importance. Everything was done in Dublin.