FOR WHOM. In compliance with the requirements laid down by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, individuals intending to provide any financial advisory. CMFAS M5 Exam Guide. Your CMFAS Guide to Rules and Regulations on Financial Advisory Services. Test your M5 Knowledge. The CMFAS Examinations are the licensing examinations for the capital markets and financial advisory services in Singapore. After successfully completing the.

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They are intended to cnfas general guidance and are meant to be good practice which would apply generally across the financial advisory industry. Anurag August 1, at 8: If a financial adviser receives commissions from a product provider on investment products c,fas on behalf of the product provider, it should disclose to the client the amount of commissions it receives on the investment products it recommends.

I would recommend it to my friends who plan to take the RES exam.

Financial Advisers Act Cap. A financial adviser should highlight the following in writing to its client: In addition to the obligations under Section 25 of the FAA, a financial adviser shall ensure that any statement or representation made to its clients is not false or misleading.

Hi David, Do you still have mock paper? And i also received prompt replies from them which made my study experience a good one. Know Your ,5 The following information should be collected from the client: Posted by David at 7: Selling a HDB Flat.

Can I do it vmfas retirement? The MAS may, if it thinks necessary or expedient in the public interest, issue written directions. Doing some practice papers will certainly help. Just took the test: May I ask what are these exams? The source of data used in the illustration should be provided by the product provider or an independent agency, and be made known to the client; when advising on a life policy, it should cmfae reference to the Benefit Illustration in respect of that life policy where a Benefit Illustration is available in respect of that life policy ; and when advising on a collective investment scheme, it should not make any prediction, projection or forecast on the future or the likely performance of the collective investment scheme, except to the extent permitted under Clause 1 of Appendix 3B of the text.


Install and administer Active Directory. Passed it on first attempt!

Anyone took m5 paper? –

Battle of the PMP Experts! It also sets out specific requirements as to the form and manner of disclosure that financial advisers have to comply with in relation to Sections 25 and 26 of the Act, as well as to the following matters: Price Elasticity of Demand.

With effect from 2 DecemberMAS has prescribed structured deposits as an investment product. SS2 Ethics in Practice. Section 24 3 provides that no financial adviser shall grant unsecured advance, unsecured loan or unsecured credit facility to: Anonymous August 6, at 2: Pls help by sending if possible. The objectives of this prohibition are two-fold: A licensed representative shall disclose the following, in writing, to the client: Hi David,sorry to trouble you,but If you still have the m5 mock test sample,can kindly send to me josette19 msn.

One mark will be awarded for each correct answer.

David’s Investment Journey: Passed CMFAS M5 exam.

Like us on facebook Live chat with us Dear QNS users, we have suspended the use of our third-party chat application due to the detection of malicious hacking activity rated “Dangerous” cmfxs TrendMicro.

Anonymous March 31, at 8: Lionel August 14, at 9: Objectives Of LIA development of the life insurance business in consultation with the supervisory authority, the Monetary Authority of Singapore; development of industry practices; and promotion of public cmafs of life insurance. MAS Notice requires such representatives to obtain the requisite qualification in health insurance before they can provide any advice on or arrange such policies or both, unless the representatives fall within paragraph 6 or 7 of MAS J5 The CMFAS section could be accessed from the drop-down menu, and because the portal covers several topics, it could be confusing initially due to the enormous amount of data, but cjfas you spend some time navigating the contents you might be well-rewarded!


Just need to find the best way to learn it; as for M5, you need to read first and try to understand the rules and regulations instead of memorizing them.

Do you mind helping me by sending me the mock paper as I am struggling quite abit.

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Anonymous May 26, at Financial Advisers Act and Financial Advisers Regulation Financial Advisers Act FAA governs financial advisory activities in respect of investment products, and the distribution or marketing of life policies and collective investment schemes, such as unit trusts consolidates various Acts into a single legislation provides a consistent set of requirements and regulations for intermediaries engaging in similar activities across investment products provides m55 integrated regulatory framework and ensures consistency in requirements and uniform standards across institutions providing financial advice.

In less serious offences, these offences may be compoundable under FAA. M6A is fairly easy compared to M6. Lvl 1 – Accounting Basics. Chapter 6 – Financial Needs Analysis.

The obligations set out below shall not apply: Please refer to our Terms of Service for more information. I took 11 Financial papers atall passed at first attempt. As part of our continuous policy to protect the safety of our customers and their information, we will instead use email as the default method to reach out to us. Anyone took m5 paper?

A financial adviser should furnish to its client a document containing the following when making a recommendation in respect of a designated investment product to the client: This forum is moderated by volunteer moderators who will react only to members’ feedback on posts. How to upgrade to 5th Edition. Thank you for the Questions Exam Portal referral – quite useful actually!

Anonymous September 2, at 9: For me, that was the icing on the cake.