IMPORTANT: If you are in any doubt about the contents of this prospectus, you should seek independent professional advice. CHOW TAI FOOK. FUTURES ORDINANCE (CHAPTER OF THE LAWS OF HONG KONG) ARE CONTAINED IN THE PROSPECTUS OF THE COMPANY. CHOW TAI FOOK. HONG KONG) WILL BE CONTAINED IN THE PROSPECTUS OF THE COMPANY. Chow Tai Fook offers 1,,, shares for up to HK$ billion (Hong Kong, 4 December ) Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group.

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During the period from todespite the global financial crisis, the number of registered marriages continued to pprospectus at a CAGR of 9. Unaudited forecast hai per Share on a pro forma basis for the year ending 31 March 2. On a daily basis, a comparison is made between the long position being our gold inventory balance and short position being our gold loan balance and outstanding bullion forward contracts.

The warehousing of our raw materials and finished products are concentrated in a select number of warehouses in the Pearl River Delta.

Cheng Ping-Hei, Hamilton Mr. All forwardlooking statements contained in this prospectus are qualified by reference to the cautionary statements set out in this section. In addition, Chinese people often plan discretionary celebrations such as weddings around dates delineated by various systems of aesthetics, almanac and auspicious beliefs. Due to these seasonal factors, comparison of sales and operating results between different periods within a single financial year may not be meaningful and should not be relied upon as indicators of our performance.

Prior court decisions may be cited for reference by the courts but have limited value as legal precedents. Information about the Global Offering.

Investor FAQ

When selecting a site for a POS, we take into account various factors, including: As at 30 Septemberwe had entered into lease agreements for our POS for which the relevant landlords have not registered the lease agreements with the relevant governmental agencies.

However, we cannot predict U.

foo, For consumers in this market segment, brand image, brand reputation and style have become increasingly important purchase criteria.

At times, the interests of the Controlling Shareholders may not be consistent with the interests of our other Shareholders. Furthermore, such natural disasters and public health and public security hazards may severely restrict the level of economic activity in affected areas, which may in turn materially and adversely affect our business gook prospects. Despatch of Share certificates on or before 5.


Demand for authenticity and quality Due to the attractive margins and imitable semblance of certain jewellery, the PRC jewellery market has attracted fraudulent market players retailing imitation jewellery that is falsely advertised as real, authentic products made from precious metals and stones.

Specifically, per capita jewellery consumption in the PRC and Macau are both less than the world average, with that of the PRC being less than one-tenth the level estimated for United States. Acquisitions and expansion involve numerous risks and uncertainties, including: Correspondingly, our profit for the year increased by Our sales of watches accounted for 6.

However, we cannot assure you that our counterparties will not yai or otherwise fail to perform their obligations under those gold hedging transactions. Consumer confidence is affected by, among other factors, general business conditions, stock market and real estate market conditions, as well as by current and expected future global or regional macroeconomic conditions such as employment rates, inflation and interest rates.

In order to pprospectus our current margins, we may be required either to increase our pricing or to locate our manufacturing elsewhere. After these restrictions lapse or if they are waived or breached, future sales, or perceived sales, of substantial amounts of our Shares could negatively impact the market price of our Shares and our ability to raise capital in the future.

Prior prospectis the Global Offering, no public market prospecus for our Shares.

We may not be able to successfully identify, acquire or integrate businesses in pursuing our growth and expansion plans. We will require Hong Kong dollars for dividend payments if any to our Shareholders.

Chow Tai Fook – Prospectus_图文_百度文库

Any such intentions may change in light of future developments. In addition, prpspectus we have crime insurance, the amount of coverage may not be sufficient in covering all losses. The strength of our brand is based on our reputation for providing authentic and high quality products with superior craftsmanship, complemented by consistent customer service across all of our POS. Any future natural disasters and public health and public security hazards may, among other things, significantly disrupt our ability to adequately staff our business or distribute our products, and may generally disrupt our operations.


Any such adverse changes, or similar changes in the supply of other raw materials, may require us to increase prices or reduce the production of certain products and could materially and adversely impact our business, results of operations or financial condition.

Any potential gain or loss from our hedging instruments will prozpectus largely offset by the inherent effect arising from our business.

As a result, our sales are subject to seasonal fluctuations. Effect of foreign exchange rate changes. Challenging economic conditions and economic uncertainty over a prolonged period of time could adversely affect our sales or growth. Our turnover derived from POS located on properties with defective leasehold interests accounted for 4. Further, we cannot assure you that they are stated with the same degree of accuracy as may be elsewhere.

Our success depends significantly on the efforts and abilities of key individuals who have valuable experience and knowledge of our products and industry, and who have made substantial contributions to the development of our operations, the design and craftsmanship of our products, and raw material procurement.

The concentration of our production facilities and our raw material warehouses in a single geographical region, the Pearl River Delta, means that our business and results of operations are dependent on the degree to which we are able to continue to import raw materials into, manufacture products in, and export products from, this region.

Parties Involved in the Global Offering.

The jewellery and watch markets are highly competitive, and we face competition from many competitors who compete against us on a national or local level, including those high-end luxury brands that do not exclusively focus on jewellery or fiok but whose product offerings include jewellery or watch product lines. Our origins trace back towhen we started engaging in the jewellery business in Mainland China. In this prospectus, statements of or references to our intentions or that foook any of our Directors are made as of the date of this prospectus.

We do not conduct hedging of our other raw materials as no established hedging instruments are available for certain raw materials, such as diamonds, that we use in our products.