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Eu gostaria de saber Under Axial clearance, bearings with designation suffix VU should be mentioned. For these applications, bearings with a modified shaft washer designation suffix VU should be used. Add the lock nut width B to the illustration.

Rolamentos de rolos cônicos, uma carreira

Correction shown in red: Failure to carefully follow applicable mounting instructions can result in premature bearing failure or improper performance. Eles devem ser trocados de lugar. HME and HM lock nuts are not listed with the correct spanner.

Bearing frictional moment is not asymptotically limited to 2,0 Correction: Table 1 Permissible angular misalignment for rotating shafts In print: The basic load ratings and the fatigue load limit rolamentks bearing NJ are too high.


The last sentence under Misalignment could be more clear. Bearing frictional moment is not asymptotically limited to 2,0. To attach Y-bearing units to the support surface, SKF recommends using 8. When skt bearing arrangements with rotating housing washer in combination with misalignment or when the shaft wobbles in relation to the housing, contact the SKF application engineering service.

For detailed information, contact the SKF application engineering service.

Catálogo com as novas correntes de transmissão SKF

For information about SKF maintenance products, refer to Maintenance products. To reduce vibration and enable heat to dissipate from the unit, the housing must industriajs firmly attached to the support base.

Pesquisa e desenvolvimento Portal do Fornecedor. Hook spanners are part of the comprehensive SKF assortment of high quality mounting and maintenance products. Current online version Deep groove ball bearings – Section 1 Page Explanation: Leave the Y-bearings, housings for Y-bearings or Y-bearing units in skff original packages until immediately prior to mounting so that they are not exposed to any contaminants.

The dimension B is listed in the table, but not shown in the sketch. Tools To mount or dismount Y-bearing units, the following tools are required: The title for table 1 needs an extension. The tightening angles, listed for bearings on an adapter sleeve, are to be used as guideline values only, as it is difficult to establish an exact starting position.


The unit for the taper is the slope, not degree. Wrong exponent in formula for permissible axial load in circulating oil applications F ap oil. Mounting and dismounting Y-bearings and Y-bearing units are reliable machine elements that can provide long service life, provided they are mounted and maintained properly. Proper mounting requires experience, accuracy, a clean work environment and the appropriate methods and tools.

Modelos CAD de acoplamentos.

Catálogo com as novas correntes de transmissão SKF

catalogp Small axial clearance enables simple and cost-effective bearing arrangements e. Some formulas are wrong because indices are mixed up.

Pesquisa e desenvolvimento Portal do Fornecedor. Replaced the graph with corrected version.

The internal clearance reduction should be calculated using the bearing mean diameter. In the designation system, add VU under Group 4. B is the lock nut width without the locking device. The description of stainless steel high cataloogo content steel was wrong.