You might have heard that a letter written by Albert Einstein to a Jewish philosopher, Eric Gutkind, was up for auction at eBay. Carta de Einstein sobre Deus: Um ano antes de morrer, o célebre físico 3 de janeiro de , uma carta ao filósofo judeu Eric B. Gutkind, expressando sua. A handwritten letter by Albert Einstein rejecting religion has been auctioned for German in response to the work of the philosopher Eric Gutkind.

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After all, we have no need for dishonesty, intentional or otherwise, to support our case and our cause. This is nonsense, of course. With friendly thanks and best wishes, Yours, A. You also get great exposure. Cartaa separates us are only intellectual “props” and “rationalization” in Freud’s language.

Childish superstition: Einstein’s letter makes view of religion relatively clear

Now that I have quite openly stated our differences in intellectual convictions it is still clear to me that we are quite close to each other in essential things, i. No interpretation no matter how subtle can for me change this. Thank you all for clarifying that. The following struck me most. Your personal ideal with its striving for freedom from ego-centred desires, the striving for improvement and ennoblement of life, with an emphasis on the purely human element whereby inanimate things are only considered a means which may not be attributed a dominant function.

His scores make his case. Einstein says we can retain respect for the best moral and spiritual values that some religion has offered in the past, and be thankful for it, but we pretty much have to discard all the the fables and parables for which they have been a vehicle. I do not wish to inconvenience you too much. I think readers here would be interested. Posted October 22, at 3: And the Jewish people to whom I gladly belong, and whose thinking I have a deep affinity for, have no different quality for me than all other people.


Aparte de eso, no puedo ver que tengan nada de escogidos. Reblogged this on Mark Solock Blog.

A quick Google search reveals that this meme has spread beyond description. With such walls we can only attain a certain self-deception, but our moral efforts are not furthered by them.

The word God is not for me more than the expression and result gutkknd human weakness, the Bible is a collection of venerable but primitive legends ” Albert Einstein Scientific The letter, written in Princeton one year before his death on January 3,is considered one of his most famous missives about God, his identity as a Jew and the eternal search for the meaning of life, and is the clearest expression of their religious and philosophical opinions, Christie’s said.

About Letters of Note is an attempt to gather and sort fascinating letters, postcards, telegrams, faxes, and memos.

But his successes far outweigh his failures. Posted October 31, at I looked for a transcript on the internet and in the one I found I noticed a few typos at first glance. But a limited causality is no longer a causality at all, as our wonderful Spinoza was the first to recognise with all rigorousness.


His parents were not religious but he attended a Catholic primary school and at the same time received private tuition in Judaism. I would have thought e-bay would have changed the translation in order to avoid a lawsuit afterwards. I know I am not the best at explaining things but crta rereading several times it does not seem possible that you could not understand that I understand your point.

Einstein’s anti-God letter goes for $3 mil+ « Why Evolution Is True

Like in his early papers on physics, he uses rich, illustrative terms for even the most abstract concepts. Reblogged this on Neff’sStudio — Blogs and commented: Top 10 hidden features and gems in the new Apple iOS 6.

With regard to the factual attitude to life and to the human community we have a great deal in common.

As far as my experience goes, they are also no better gytkind other human groups, although they are protected from the worst cancers by a lack of power. Is there anyone here who speaks German and who can confirm or disconfirm this? He wouldn’t say how many people have pre-qualified, but did indicate that several people had applied to be bidders. We’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Michael Fisher on Monday: