be able to return. Thanks for downloading the brass audition packet. To download, click the links below. If you have questions, contact [email protected] org. The exercises in this packet are designed to help you develop a solid All individual battery auditions will consist of the exercise packet, along with a 2 minute. AUDITION PACKET. Cadets Front Ensemble Audition Packet Introduction Hello, and thank you for your interest in the Cadets Front Ensemble.

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Does anybody know of any field conductor or snare drum spots available? I have 3 seasons of high school marching band. It’s hard to make any drum corps.


Does your school have an exceptionally strong visual program? If anyone’s going to go to any of the Guardians camps, I live in the town they’re located in this year also auditioning again so let me know if you have any questions, especially about the town itself. I am still in high pafket but really want to march cascades once I get out I live in Seattle but I’m lacking the funds right now going to get a job and start saving and don’t have the time either AP ccadets.

Our visual tech is an assistant caption head at a corps and the rest of our staff all have at least a year of top 12 corps experience.

It may be a tad too early for this, but with many Corps starting recruitment stuff already, and more to follow, figured it would be good to start a megathread where all the info can be found.

Even Mandarins would be too difficult typically for someone with your experience. Carolina Gold registration is open https: Heat wave has open spots!

But regardless of which Corps you play for, you will have memories that will last forever. I’m currently still learning how to toss 5s, but I still have a few weeks till the audition so adition I can get up to at least being able to get out a 6. Anyone who’s marched Blue Stars in the past years how would you say they “weight” the importance of visual v.


Sure it’s possible that you can find a 1st year conducting position but it might be acdets worth your time and money to just go for an instrument spot.

Glad to have found a recruit! There also isn’t a visual packet.

Hey, synester, just a quick heads-up: We had a member from Ohio last year- he sent in videos for each camp and then took a Greyhound to move-ins. A little further out of your way but a great corps audjtion that will prepare you for your drum corps future: Hi, I am program coordinator for the Kilties.

Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Can anyone give me some extra clarification on the Vanguard Cadets brass auditions because the page is frustratingly pacjet.

We’ve only got four camps this ccadets, so if you could send in a video, come to a camp, and then make arrangements to send videos until move-ins, I’m sure we could find a spot for you! Could you name a few? Corps go through ups and downs like any organization.

Colts Youth Organization – Colt Cadets Drum & Bugle Corps

About what instrument, I would say audition on what you like the best. I got cut from Blue Coats they suggested I go to Mandarins Scouts or Stars probs going to send a video to two of them idk kind of troubled. There’s actually an exercise I’ve been working on lately that’s to improve exactly this. I will get the paper and attach a picture of it here in a little bit! We can work with you! Is it worth it to audition for bluecoats synth without any world class experience?

Heat Wave has open spots in every single section right now! Why do we bother having an audition megathread if people just post their questions directly to the subreddit anyways? Or anything I should specifically work on? No, there isn’t a packet available yet, but you should definitely join the interest group just so you can get an idea on when it happens.


Colt Cadets Drum & Bugle Corps

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Auditon. This would be my first year actually auditioning for drum corps.

White Sabers Facebook Interest Group https: You may make the cut one year and not the next. I got called back by the Phantom Regiment contra and I was wondering cdaets anyone had any idea how many contras generally get called back to a corps. Submit a new link. I see it as an opportunity to experience drum corps without having to invest as much money and time but I can’t avoid being bummed about missing out on indianapolis.

I’ll be at the 1 day camp in STL. Find a large space parking lot, gymnasium, field, your yard, etc. Got really really close to a callback at Cavies, looking for a corps to march that has a similar vibe, but is still very strong at performing, any recommendations?

Would I have a chance at making it into Music City? Any specific tips for BDA? Not the case at all. Could anyone going to the Tampa camp for BAC let me know what their visual auditon is, I dont see it in the packet.

I’m auditioning at BDB on contra what I marched in high school last year and Cades cascades on baritone what I’m marching this year I dont thing either has audition material out yet, but any advice helps. Even at the corps that doesn’t explicitly require it, it helps a lot to have experience marching an instrument at that corps.