Buy The Birth of the Modern World, Global Connections and Comparisons (Blackwell History of the World) 1st Edition by C. A. Bayly (ISBN. With this similarity in mind, C.A. Bayly’s The Birth of the Modern World makes for fascinating reading. In this wide-reaching history of impressive geographical. C.A. Bayly, The Birth of the Modern World, Global Connections and C.A. Bayly is well known to readers of this journal as a historian of colonial.

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Open to the public Book; Illustrated English Show 0 more libraries Global Connections and Comparisons. Perhaps Bayly’s most innovative argument in this section is that the nineteenth century saw religious revivals on a global scale. These 3 locations in Western Australia: But is it the modernity that figures in Bayly’s story? There’s an interesting emphasis on warfare and it seems like throughout the book he emphasizes the strength of ideas he sees the idea of class consciousness as more powerful than any real class consciousness, similarly the idea of popular sovereignty is powerful even if it was never widely implemented during the 19th century.

His focus is on decreasing the distance between ‘the West’ and ‘the rest’, insisting that industrialisation, woeld, nationalism and the development of the state all took place across the globe, albeit with local specificities.

The Birth of the Modern World, Global Connections and Comparisons by C.A. Bayly

Bayly has produced the most compelling and significant historical synthesis to appear for many years. Bayly synthesizes an astounding amount of information.

This is a book that historians, foreign policy elites and protagonists on both sides of the debate need to read In Bayly’s brief note on it, the painting is described as the most splendid visualisation of the ‘universalising intention of the revolution’ p.


The final section of the book, ‘Change, decay and crisis’ looks briefly at the reconstitution of social hierarchies during the long nineteenth century — the reconfiguring of women’s subordination, of forms of unfree labour, of elite, landholding and monarchical power and privilege.

A long-term shift, ‘the great domestication’ — a move from nomadism to intensive agrarian exploitation — took place alongside a number of ‘industrious revolutions’ in the terminology of Jan de Vriessome industrial, others not, all associated with consumer demand. Bayly’s description of the way that the many forces of the era, including nationalism, trade, and massive technological acceleration combined to forge a one world existence.

The style is certainly that of a text book, but it manages to do something extraordinary. And always after some encounter with the white man from the West, first Europe, then the English-speaking world.

The Birth of the Modern World, 1780 – 1914

I have no doubt that Bayly presented as “settled” disputes that academics think are not, and I’m sure he cut across thousands of pages of spilled ink in just a few paragraphs I certainly quibbled with burth few of his assertionsbut on the whole he did a One of the better grand-sweep “meta-histories” I’ve read. The Birth of the Modern World is a wonderfully ambitious bkrth that effectively demonstrates the global nature of the modern world and the need to decentre national histories and think big.

With this book Bayly does an excellent job documenting this birth, among many other things.

Bayly does good job broadening perspectives on evolution of world history. The Activist, Patriotic State Evolves. The Organization Of The Book.

Bayly starts from pf position that all local, regional c.a.vayly national histories are also global histories. That said, as long as you have a search engine to hand to look up some of the more unfamiliar words, I would wholeheartedly recommend this book as a moderately challenging if incredibly long take on modern European history. Christopher Alan Published Malden, Mass. Bayly’s analytical approach merits high praise and the wealth of information he presents is admirable.

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Moore, describes the birth of the modern world:. The View Of Recent Historians. Over the period described, the idea of a mass public wolrd born. Jan 20, Marc rated it liked it Shelves: Yet this power must not be exaggerated, Bayly warns. Contents Machine derived contents note: The ‘archaic globalisation’ of the eighteenth century — the networks created by geographical expansion not just European — opened the way for new patterns.

The power of the state has assumed mythic proportions, argues Bayly, just as the myth of working-class consciousness did in the s. Kelvin Grove Campus Library. Also welcome is his commitment to an understanding of the syncretic and hybrid forms produced by the constant traffic of peoples and things.

Other suppliers National Library of Australia – Copies Direct The National Library may be able to supply you with a photocopy or electronic copy of all or part of this item, for a fee, depending on copyright restrictions. I need to think through this some more. Nanne rated it it was ok Mar 20,