Nuestros clientes son nuestra mejor referencia. Nitrox Scuba Diver. Entra acá para mayor información. Descubre la especialidad de buceo mas popular que existe. Gana libertad en tu inmersión. Bucear con NITROX te proporcionará mas tiempo de inmersión a la. Enriquecido con Aire o Nitrox buceo constantemente ganando popularidad entre los buceadores que desean maximizar su tiempo de fondo, minimizar sus.

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Use of nitrox may cause a reduced ventilatory response, and when breathing dense gas at the deeper limits of the usable range, this may result in carbon dioxide notrox when exercise levels are high, with an increased risk of loss of consciousness. Please check another or chat with us.

Nitrox Scuba Diver

Choose the relevant magnitude for your activity waves, wind on surface or altitudetemperaturerain, etc. Meanwhile, diving stores were finding a purely economic reason to offer nitrox: Enriched Air Diving is therefore safer to breathe normal airbut is not without risks.

Theory session and dive simulation Option 2: Archived copy as title Articles with short description All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from March Articles with unsourced statements from April Articles with unsourced statements from January Articles with unsourced statements from July Enriched Air or Nitrox diving is steadily gaining popularity among divers who want to maximize their bottom time, minimize their surface intervals and reduce nitdox fatigue niyrox associated with making repetitive dives.

This is termed “Best mix”, for the dive, and provides the maximum no-decompression time compatible with acceptable oxygen exposure.

Curso de buceo con aire enriquecido PADI NITROX Diver | Lanzarote Ocean’s Divers

In the practical part, we will practice nihrox oxygen content in the scuba tank and we will set the dive computer for diving with enriched air before the dive. Uso de cookies Este sitio web utiliza cookies para que usted tenga la mejor experiencia de usuario. Use of a gas mix which differs from the planned mix introduces an increased risk nigrox decompression sickness or an increased risk of oxygen toxicity, depending on the error. With EAN40 you don’t even have to have the surface time!


It may be possible to simply recalculate the dive plan or set the dive computer accordingly, but in some cases the planned dive may not be practicable.

Within the EU, valves with M26x2 outlet thread are recommended for cylinders with increased oxygen content. The constituent gas percentages are what the gas blender aims for, but the final actual mix may vary from the specification, and so a small flow of gas from the cylinder must be measured with an oxygen analyzerbefore the cylinder is used underwater.

Many dive shops, dive operators, and gas blenders require the diver to present a nitrox certification card before selling nitrox to divers.

Reducing the proportion of nitrogen by increasing the proportion of oxygen reduces the risk of decompression sickness for the same dive profile, or allows extended dive times without increasing the need for decompression stops for the same risk.

Decompression divingDecompression theoryand Decompression practice. At 18m the gas is switched to oxygen for the rest of the treatment. A German standard specifies that any mixture with an oxygen content greater than atmospheric air must be treated as pure oxygen.

You will do two dives with Enriched Nutrox Nitrox so you can see for yourself the benefits of using these mixtures. The term “nitrox” was originally used to refer to the breathing gas in a seafloor habitat where the oxygen has to be kept to a lower fraction than in air to avoid long term oxygen toxicity problems. Our tissues will absorb a lower amount of it, which possibly would give a lower feeling of weariness that we would have got, if we had breath air.


Examples are surface-swimming a distance to a boat or beach after surfacing, where residual “safety” cylinder gas is often used freely, since the remainder will be wasted anyway when the dive is completed, and unplanned contingencies due to currents or buoyancy problems.

Click to select No Apartment Villa Hotel. Some training agencies, such as PADI notrox Technical Diving Internationalteach the use of two depth limits to protect against oxygen toxicity. Archived from the original on Therefore, if your air consumption is not altered by using EANx instead of air, the duration of the dive will not become longer by the sheer fact of using EANx instead of air.

Attachment: Nitrox

Views Read Huceo View history. For example, there is much better scientific evidence that breathing high-oxygen gases increases exercise tolerance, during aerobic exertion. Though not generally referred to as nitrox, an oxygen-enriched air mixture is routinely provided at normal surface ambient pressure as oxygen therapy to patients with compromised respiration and circulation.

This adventure is no longer in available. Nitrox cylinders must be identified by a transparent, self-adhesive label with green lettering, fitted below the shoulder. Terms and conditions of use Legal Notice. Helium has no narcotic effect, but results in HPNS when breathed at high pressures, which does not happen with gases that have greater narcotic potency.

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