Find the most up-to-date version of BS at Engineering BRITISH STANDARD OBSOLESCENT AUGUST BS Incorporating Amendment Nos. 1, 2 and 3 Specification for Licensed. Standard. Line Drawing. Product Description. DIN HEXAGON FULL NUT. 70 . BS HEXAGON FULL NUT BSW. BS

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In order to provide for the different methods of manufacture by which bolts, screws and nuts to this standard may be produced, a choice of materials is given.

They shall be tested in accordance with the method described in Clause 7. Bolts and screws produced by cold forging shall, except in the case of bolts and screws bright finished to Grade A see Table 4, Appendix A be heat-treated after forging.

BS 统一精密六角螺栓、螺钉和螺母(UNC与UNF螺纹)规范_图文_百度文库

Nuts shall be graded as follows: A hardness test on bolts and screws is not part of the requirements of this standard, but Brinell hardness values are given for guidance in Table 4 of Appendix A. The Izod impact test on metals. Nuts 1 in diameter and under.

Gauging of screw threads. Cold forged bolts and screws. Details and advice can be obtained from the Copyright Manager.

If steel bolts, screws or nuts are required bright all over, the purchaser should state this in his enquiry and order. BSTable of approximate comparison of hardness scales. Appendix C of Satndard In revising the standard, the opportunity has been taken to deal more fully with material and manufacture.

The bolt or screw shall be subjected to the proof stress for bolts and screws specified in Column 3 of Table 4 in Appendix A by applying standarf appropriate load as given in Table 5, Appendix A and maintaining for ten seconds and then releasing.

The screw threads standrd conform to the limits and tolerances for Class 2B specified in BS Bolts, screws and nuts produced by hot forging or by turning from bars, and cold formed nuts shall be heat-treated when this is necessary to give the requisite mechanical properties specified in Clauses 4 and 6 and Appendix A. The optional type bd1768 in Figure 19 permits the use of different length sleeves to accommodate different bolt lengths.


Carbon and low alloy steel. The groove shall not exceed 0.

BS 1768:1963

BSPlain limit gauges: NOTE The option referred to in sub-clauses a and b above shall apply unless the purchaser in his enquiry and order specifically states that he requires one of the alternatives available.

Method of test see Figure 17 in Appendix C. Tsandard with a British Standard does not of itself confer immunity from legal obligations. Area; BS 18 now specifies a gauge length of 5. BSSplit cotter pins. BSMethods of Brinell hardness test — Part 1: The bolt or screw shall be placed in a suitable testing machine with the threaded end of the bolt or screw in a threaded grip or in a nut.

The tensile strength and the proof stress shall be determined by the methods of test described in Stndard 5.

The finished products shall satisfy the requirements for physical properties set out in Clause 4 and Table 4 of Appendix A.

The proof stress for bolts or screws shall be determined with a straight full size threaded bolt or screw. If the purchaser requires bolts, screws or nuts of steel or other material to be coated, he should state the type of coating required in his enquiry and order.

BSI BS The test mandrel shall have a hardness of not less than HV See also Table 15 for shortest lengths designated as bolts. The values in Column 4 have therefore been retained pending further information on this subject. Steel precision bolts, screws and nuts are normally supplied with the following finishes: Gratis Acoustics Aerospace materials and components Automobile Building materials and components Chemical engineering Chemicals, fats, oils, scientific apparatus, etc.

These nuts shall be capable of withstanding a proof load, based on the minimum tensile strength of Grade T Bolts, as laid down in Table 4, Column 2. This shall be checked by means of a screwed plug gauge with appropriate slot and a plain plug gauge which shall be a Go gauge in the minimum slot see Figure 22 in Appendix C. Table 9 and Table 10 of Appendix B give a selection of steels from BS which are among those suitable for particular grades of bolts, screws and nuts.

The dimensional requirements of this standard apply both to ferrous and non-ferrous bolts, screws and nuts. Mechanical properties are given only in respect of steel bolts, screws and nuts, and the finishes in which they are normally supplied are described in Clause 3. It is incorporated by Royal Charter.


Failure of the bolt or screw to enter the ring gauge or interference between the sleeve and bolt while engaging the ring gauge indicates excessive eccentricity between the thread and the body. The ring Gauge A in this type is centred in position on sleeve B by means of positioning plug E and secured by means of attachment screws C. BS was restricted at that time to sizes up to and including 1 inch but the many requests received for an extension of the standard have long indicated that this range was inadequate for the needs of industry and this edition accordingly provides for sizes up to and including 2 inches.

The test shall be made on the end faces of the nuts. When bolts and screws are made with rolled threads the lead formed at the end of the bolt by the thread rolling operation may be regarded as providing the necessary chamfer to the end, no other machining operation being necessary, and the end shall be reasonably square with the centre line of the shank. An ordinary nut or its equivalent in the form of an adaptor shall be screwed on to the bolt or screw so as to be clear of the run-out of the thread towards the head and also clear of any imperfect threads at the point, the load shall then be applied to the head and to the nut or adaptor.

This is in accordance with the American Standard from which these sizes are derived. Cinematography and photography Coal, coke and colliery requisites Codes of Practice Consumer goods Documentation, including Universal Decimal Classification Drawing practice Electrical engineering Farming, dairying and allied interests Furniture, bedding and furnishings Gardening, horticulture and landscape work Gas and solid fuel and refractories Glassware including scientific apparatus Hospital equipment Illumination and lighting fittings Industrial instruments, etc.