Though few can equal her skill with the sword, Caledonia MacNeely fights an unfamiliar shiver when she is offered in marriage to the infamous “Lord Sin. Kinley MacGregor’s latest offering, Born In Sin, is a redemption story, and quite a good one, as it happens. If there were a little more to it, it could. The second of the MacAllister brothers books by Kinley Macgregor, Born in Sin is the story of Sin MacAllister. Sin is dark and brooding, both.

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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Though Callie fears this mysterious knight – less for the dark whispers that nacgregor him than for the burning desire he invokes – she is under order of the English King.

And with the fate of her troubled clan hanging in the balance, she has little recourse. Mass Market PaperbackFirstpages. To see what your friends thought of macgrfgor book, please sign up.

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Lists with This Book. Highland Lovers, macgrgeor readers, moning fans, tortured hero fans. It seems I’m perpetually behind the great romance reads curvehowever, it macregor afford me to ability to simply write on how i feel! MacGregor was not lazy with the macgrregor Often, Writers in my honest opinion are lazy with romance.

They amcgregor not spend enough skn building the tension, working out the problems, or other important matters. I don’t know how many times I have read a or so page book and by page the writer has solved all the main problems or dissolved the sexual tension and we are left with pages of TSTL moments and silly, urbane misunderstandings. MacGregor did no such thing. This is fine writing with an in depth acuity toward the story line.

The Plot Progression is perfect in a mathematical sense This goes slightly with No. The timing in this novel was impeccable. The tension building is long enough to invoke your feelings but not too long as to tire you out. I must say I love the placement of the rising action, climax, and falling action. The perfect timing of kjnley aspects of the novel take away the predictability, which as an avid romance reader I know other people grapple with.

The point is, in this novel when she said Sin was evil he did things worth being deemed evil. I appreciate the honesty to her characters 4. SIN ; That’s the hero of the story if you don’t know and boy he is sex personified.

I just want to literally and you make take this however you want His resiliency is something born of god. I don’t love abused win tortured heroes because I have win fetish for charity cases. I love them for all the odds they beat. Sin is inwardly gorgeous.


What he has done is horrible, scary, and down right wrong. Yet, like a phoenix he rises from the ashes of his destruction and shines.

There is a quote that he said that completely stopped me. Closing his eyes, he did what he macgregoe done since he was a kinly boy. He prayed for the politics of Henry and her brother not to come between them. Prayed for some miracle that would see them with a future together. And as he lay there, behind the lids of his eyes he did another thing he’d not done since early childhood. He saw in his mind the children he would love to have.

Little boys and girls with their mother’s warmth and spirit. He wanted this dream. With every piece and part of him, he jn for it. He had to have it. The beginning may be a little confusing of that quote, but hopefully you understand.

This is a man who would give it all to just for once be more than his past. He is a survivor and I adore him!!! Callie She was a beautiful beautiful heroine. She fought fiercely for everyone even if it meant she was in last place. I respect her tenacity and ability to face adversity. What i loved about her is that she was something without her husband.

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A lot of historical romance heroines are nothing without their men, in fact, I have seen in writing many a heroine say that. She had so much strength.

I know that despite her pain she will always be strong for her people. THAT is the definition of macgregot heroine! In conclusion, I cannot express enough the necessity of reading this book.

It is a great addition to the genre of romance and a testament to the ability of writers to create macgregpr fine specimen of a character Similar Books 1. Kiss of the Highlander! If You Dare 3. View all 21 comments.

Sep 27, Shawna rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Sin and Callie forge a love that is pure, poignant, passionate, inspiring, and truly wondrous.

Review: Born in Sin by Kinley MacGregor.

And this sexy knight could portray Sin rather convincingly as well. View all 48 comments. Jan 22, Erika rated it really liked it Shelves: Overall, I really liked this book. The main issues I had were kind of small, but yet irritating enough to keep me from rating it higher. We are told many many times he has never known love, has always been sad and brooding etc.

BUT, then we have scenes with his brothers where he is joking around with them and they all obviously love each other — the easy forgiveness of the view spoiler [stepmother was just O 3. BUT, then we have scenes with his brothers where he is joking around with them kinlsy they all obviously love each other — the easy forgiveness of the view spoiler [stepmother was just OTT and kacgregor believable.


She was a really bad lady imo and did not deserve such easy forgiveness based on her despicable behavior hide spoiler ] — another character totally was let off the hook for horrific actions. That kind of annoyed me. Other than those complaints, I really enjoyed the hero and the romance. View all 12 comments. Dec 10, Rashika is tired rated it did not like it Shelves: Holy shit this was bad.

You have insta love. Men macgergor apparently have tough armors but are weak as fuck IMO. Women who can apparently see through all of that shit to the sad sad man who lies inside when no one else could.

The only good thing about this book was that the dude was a virgin. I must stop reading books none of my friends have rated. View all 7 comments. Jul 13, Quinn rated it really liked it Shelves: It was also the reason I started this series, as I had heard many good things about the book, particularly its tortured hero, Sin. Thankfully, having read Master of Desire and Claiming the Highlander both of which were very enjoyable readsI knew what to expect from the writing.

MacGregor has a fairly plain, simple, straightforward style. She is not overly descriptive, and leans more toward fun than angst. The language is not authentic for the time, but nor did it jolt me out of the story. Sin MacAllister’s life has been the stuff of nightmares.

Immediately following his birth he was cast out by his mother in England and sent to live with his father in Scotland. When King Richard comes looking for hostages, Sin is thrust away and told never to return.

Born in Sin (MacAllisters, book 3) by Kinley MacGregor

From that point, his life goes from horrible to unbearable. He is eventually sold by his guardian as a slave to the enemy, and trained by the Saracens as an assassin, forced to do things no man, let alone a child such as himself, should witness.

After many years, Sin takes his one chance for freedom when he is sent to assassinate King Henry. Having pledged his eternal loyalty to the King, Sin is left with little choice bby later when the King bids him to marry a Scottish lash in an effort to halt the raids on the English settlers in Scotland. Sin is a product of his life experiences. The things this man has endured could break your heart. He has never been shown kindness, never felt a human touch in anything other than anger, knows only hatred and animosity.