Magazine “I have an interesting relationship with Boink! Magazine. About two summers ago I was casually dating a boy who thought he was REALLY attractive. boink Magazine. Books By boink Magazine. Most Popular Books. Boink: College Sex Boink: College Sex by the People Having It. boink Magazine. from: $ Alecia Oleyourryk, Christopher Anderson and Vanessa M. White are not your typical sex magazine founders. Alecia grew up on a farm in upstate New York with.

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Chinatown Boston Restaurant Guide. Single Man’s Guide to Great Women. Share the Passion Pillow Talk Now Accepting New Members.

Boink: College Sex by the People Having It

Boston University Campus Sex Magazine. It’s more out in the open and less private.

I think this trend toward magazije sex magazines is just another branch of that idea. Boink Magazine is a sex-themed publication conceived and produced by Boston University undergrads.


Boink contains features and content that is of interest to college-aged guys and girls, including frank discussions about sex and nude pictures of real local university students. It’s a more gritty look at sex.

BOINK Magazine Boink BU Sex Magazine College Sex Guide

It’s a full-frontal magazine. Boink Magazine Does Burlesque. Boink Magazine Cover Issue 4. Boink Magazine Release Party at the Roxy. Boink Magazine Official Website.

By Pat Sisson Judging from years of university crackdowns on fraternities and campus parties, you’d think magaaine campuses were getting more conservative. But a new publishing trend — magazone sex magazines — suggests that students are getting more sexually liberal, one issue at a time. After being approved by the Committee for Campus Life in March and hitting newsstands at the end of the semester last May, H Bomb received media attention from as far away as France and Germany.

But across town, year-old photographer Christopher Anderson, whose work appeared in H Bomband year-old Boston University student Alecia Oleyourryk saw the Harvard magazine and wanted to take things a bit further. Soon they started working on Boinka magazine that debuted this February and “explores a little more off the boundaries,” said Oleyourryk.


Each publication has its own style: H Bomb editor Katharina Cieplak-von Baldegg says her magazine, a mix of photos, poetry and highbrow essays, is probably “the nerdiest of the sex mags,” while Oleyourryk thinks Boinkbilled as “the college guide to carnal knowledge,” is something “everyone would be interested in magazin, with the possible exception of my mom.

The editors at both publications spoke magazie Playboy. Boston University to Magazinr ‘Boink’ Magazine. College sex magazines H Bomb and Boink chronicle the real sexual education of today’s coeds.

Last year’s debut of H Bomb at Harvard made Crimson alumni cringe. Join the Boston Nightclub News mailing list.