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Hi Tomas, Maybe your module is having a different default baud rate?

Then it works flawlessly. The Key pin is only supported and connected on special firmware, not on most of the modules available for cheap. Board Top jy-mcj, with the HC pin functions as I know it see this post:. Then current flows to GND through the pull-up, and it is best removed, or replaced by a pull-down not available on the KL25Z.

I am trying to send messages from an android phone to a pc terminal via bluetooth using the HC 05 module connected to the frdm kl25z and I am facing a few problems. On sending characters from the phone, I get back non english symbols on the pc. And the AT commands have to be sent from the microcontroller attached, not from the PC. You need to check the details of your microprocessor manual if and how you can enable internal pull-ups.


Connecting Arduino Uno and the JY-MCU Bluetooth module using SoftwareSerial

So I had no choice than to reverse engineer the connections of the SMD parts on the board: But wen I tried to communicate to the module, bluetkoth failed: Hi, I have also a pair of no name HC modules that refuses to work using their serial pads. Cheap parts from China might mean that I need to be prepared for surprises: HalloI have recently purchased HC bluetooth modulei am have connected with Arduino Uno board.

Hi Antonio, the voltage level of the HC Bluetooth modules are really 3. Then you should see a response the module, and from the analyzer you could calculate the baud rate the module is responding.

Easy Arduino Bluetooth Communication with JY-MCU Bluetooth module

I have recently purchased HC bluetooth modulei am have connected with Arduino Uno board. And thanks for the article, Erich! Bypassing the diode is only an option if you know what the problem is.

Please try it first with your PC. A floating input will make unexpected transitions, and will often draw excessive current as the transistors end up in their linear region, both conducting. Hi Stoyan, is the red LED flashing or always on? Can you upload sketches if you disconnect bluetoogh BT module bljetooth the Arduino?


Easy Arduino Bluetooth Communication with JY-MCU Bluetooth module

I checked all the wires, and they were looking ok. Well done on the detective work Erich.

From what I can see is that I can not make the module to get into AT jt-mcu mode. Hi I am having the same problem, the thing is my model does not have the diode urs had. Sending an AT from the Microcontroller shows that the command arrives at the Bluetooth iy-mcu too:. Oh thank you, I guess you have saved my day last night: Once we turn on Arduino, a red light on Bluetooth module should be flashing continuously.

The master will be connected to a pc and the slaves will have text files that will contain sensor readings. If there is any data received by the bluetooth module, send it over the regular Serial connection to our PC. I verified this with the module connected: But when I power it with the USB cable connecting to a computer, the software TX pin seems to send me some error data.

Note that I am still using a voltage divider to shift the TX signal from the Arduino to 3.