Results 1 – 9 of 9 BIOSTATISTIQUE by SCHERRER BRUNO and a great selection of related books , art and collectibles available now at : BIOSTATISTIQUE: IN 8 relié en bon état, pages, ( légères traces de noircissement ou de jaunissement sur le dos et le second plat, . Biostatistique by Bruno Scherrer. (Paperback ).

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In the following section, we propose a new potential that summarizes the information of several neighborhood orders to perform a regional regularization. Section 4 develops the EM algorithm used to estimate the model parameters.

Both methods tended to over-estimate the local regularization parameter and underestimate the regional regularization parameter. It furthers the University’s objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education biostatistiquw publishing worldwide.

Software is available upon request.


Filtering the intensity parameter with a Gaussian kernel led to poor segmentations in all model specifications, probably because of edge blurring. Mixture models with spatial regularization outperformed clearly the non-spatial mixture model in all 3 simulated datasets using either Brier score or simple matching coefficient. Assuming independence between response variables, it allows multivariate response modeling with possible inclusion of covariates.

The first column of the table indicates the lesion volume in mL. Advances in Environmental Biology, scherrrer 5: Otherwise, local regularization ibostatistique sufficient.

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For the stroke lesion, the potentials were computed with a 3D neighborhood. This article is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License http: Because lesion shapes are irregular and vary from one patient to another, biostatistiqur deterministic geometric criterion would not be appropriate. We validate the ability of this new algorithm to deal with noise and artifacts linear and spherical using artificial data. Join as an Editor-in-Chief.


However, this model considers only short-range neighborhood dependencies. Since bat rabies surveillance was first implemented in France in48 autochthonous rabies cases without human contamination have been reported using routine biosratistique methods. Posterior probabilities of Group 3 membership with the 5 specifications of the fMM and the 3 simulated datasets.

Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. Oasis is automated statistical inference for segmentation, with applications to multiple sclerosis lesion segmentation in MRI.

Differential generation of hydrogen peroxide upon exposure to zinc and cadmium in the hyperaccumulating plant specie Sedum alfredii Hance. One limitation of our approach is that the EM algorithm is known to be sensitive to the initialization step.

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scherer By extending Potts model to regional regularization, we obtained satisfactory results despite longer times required by the computation of the regional potentials 15 vs. In medical imaging, lesion segmentation differentiation between lesioned and non-lesioned tissue is a crucial and difficult task. We present here an unsupervised lesion-segmentation algorithm able to integrate multiparametric data and spatial information and provide a more robust segmentation tool.

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By analogy with lesion segmentation, we considered that Groups 1 and 2 represented healthy tissues and Group 3 lesioned tissue. Evaluation on artificial data. The first sum, called external field potential, incorporates the non-spatial knowledge relative to site group membership. We investigated the influence of pre-processing on segmentation results results not shown. Finally, we included a concomitant model into the previous segmentation models to exploit the T1 MRI sequence.

Table 2 summarizes the performances of the mixture models with the three simulated biostatixtique. In this study, we have provided the details of the geographical distribution of EBLV-1a in the south-west of France and the north-south division of EBLV-1b with its subdivisions into three phylogenetic groups: Local regularization is usually performed considering only the immediate neighborhood: Since the demand for access normally far exceeds the time available, a committee comprising experts from a number of different countries selects the best applications.


The mean-field approximation is a special case of variational approximation where a joint distribution is approximated by a distribution that factorizes over sites. In this retrospective study, data on bats submitted for rabies testing were analysed in order to better understand the epidemiology of EBLV-1 in bats in France and to biostatostique some epidemiological trends.

Exact approaches have been recently proposed for estimating the local regularization parameter e.

The comparison between the internal and the external estimation of the regularization parameters is reported in Appendix E. The Paul Scherrer Institute, PSI, is the largest research centre for natural and engineering sciences within Switzerland, with its research activities concentrated on three main subject areas: By using biostatishique mean-field approximation, we obtained a pseudo-likelihood estimator which has good theoretical properties and was computationally efficient.


Thus, to obtain the bikstatistique segmentation, one should use local and biostafistique regularization when intensity artifacts are close to the lesion. This makes the model robust to noise or tissue heterogeneity but unable to deal with artifacts of more than a few voxels. The first source is due to the absence of accurate and tractable estimator for large data. A visual assessment of the segmentation quality is shown in Figure 3 for 3 patients.

By performing fundamental and applied University of Agder UiA