Related articles Related articles appear here based on the labels you select. Click to edit the macro and add or change labels. Related issues. “Bike Owner’s manual” and the specific “RIDE+ Owner’s manual” carefully before you ride on Only charge the battery pack with the included BionX charger. This Manual serves as a supplement to the bicycle user manual. Familiarize yourself with your electric bicycle and the functions of the BionX system in a safe.

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All of the original spare parts for your electric bicycle can be purchased through your dealer. Familiarize yourself with your electric bicycle and the functions of the BionX system in a safe environment before participating in road traffic for the first time.


To print the manual completely, please, download it. A torque sensor is located on the axle of the electric motor and measures the effort provided by the rider; Please contact your BionX dealer for service. The system can be turned on but there is no assist Check that the cables running from the battery to the amnual are properly connected. Never use a battery which has obvious damage to the housing or the connector.

No warranty claims are accepted – without limitation to other reasons – in the case of damages due to mankal following: This document serves as a supplement to your bicycle user manual. Keep in mind that other traffic participants may underestimate the speed of an electric bicycle. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. If your bike is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes: Damage may lead to shortcircuits, and as a result cause overheating or ignition of the battery.


BionX G2 User Manual

Do not be alarmed if the system turns itself on briefly, and off again, or if the touch port flashes momentarily. Maunal and Installing the Rear Wheel We recommend the removal and installation of the rear wheel to be done by a qualified dealer. Should you be unable to locate an answer in the manual, please contact your dealer for immediate assistance. For G1 programming, substitute mode and respectively, plus and minus remain the same. The battery must be correctly inserted in the docking station and the lock must be completely closed.

Make sure that the tires have the pressure recommended by the manufacturer before riding the bike. Repair and Spare Parts For repair of your electric bicycle consult your qualified dealer.

This could damage the battery and possibly lead to overheating or ignition of the battery. The seal serial number sticker on the battery housing has been broken or obviously manipulated.

We hope you biknx your new electric bicycle for many years to come.

It is our goal to provide you with the highest quality elec- tric propulsion systems available, and offer you the best possible after sales experience. Warranty Mxnual And Guarantee BionX reserves the right to reject the coverage of this warranty if the accompanying documentation of BionX components is not accurate or complete. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. In such a biionx, any warranty claim will cease.

Check the plug-in connections for moisture after cleaning and let these dry, if necessary, before reusing the bicycle. The assistance toggle remains the same. Carefully read the following information, even if you are an experienced rider. Select the other digits in the same manner until the desired program is displayed.


Please contact your BionX dealer for service. Please retain the key number for your records. Page 28 Your dealer bionxinternational. For transportation of the electric bicycle on a bike rack always remove manuao battery and the console.

In the assistance mode, your pedaling is assisted proportionally by an electric motor that drives the rear wheel. BionX reserves manjal right to reject the coverage of this warranty if the accompanying documentation of BionX components is not accurate or complete. The battery will beep 5 times.

Never drop the battery, and protect it from physical damage. Don’t have an account? BionX liability in connection with this warranty is limited to the respective acquisition value of the product.

The BionX warranty covers a two-year period for BionX propulsion system s within the framework of the following conditions. The battery should never be exposed to extreme temperature fluctuations or humidity, and always protect the battery during storage from humidity to prevent corrosion on the connectors. Should you have to do this yourself, please follow the instructions below: Please read this manual thoroughly, even if you are an experienced cyclist.

Current setting of main functions is displayed.