Editorial Reviews. Review. “Mr. Bernays was one of the first people to expand what had been a narrow concept of press agentry, or working to influence. When Crystallizing Public Opinion was written in , it became the first book- length discussion of the scope and function of professional public relations and of . Books by EDWARD L. BERN AYS CRYSTALLIZING PUBLIC OPINION () AN OUTLINE OF CAREERS () {Edited and contributed to) PROPAGANDA.

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Generally speaking, bbernays relationship and interaction of the public and any movement is rather obvious. Their expressed opinion, he believed, would definitely modify the bobbed hair vogue.

They horrified the upholders of the old methods, they desperately offended the ancient conven- tions, they were as rough and direct as democ- racy itself. The NELA, now the Edison Electric Insti- tute, after having been attacked for its propa- ganda, limited itself to facts and opinoon about the industry to reflect important public acceptance of electricity.

Others stress a relationship of mutual understanding between an enterprise and its public, a policy and its practical implementation to gain deserved understanding for an enterprise. In the Middle Ages, society was convinced that there were witches. It is a matter of his judgment as to what will absorb the half hour’s attention a certain set of readers will give to his newspaper.

Crystallizing Public Opinion – Ig Publishing

In the next century, leaders of French thought de- manded that their government follow ipinion English example and it was done, beginning in The answers from these leading men of the country were collated, analyzed, and the re- sulting abstract furnished gratuitously to news- papers, magazines ano! Baker tells what a shock Amer- ican newspaper men gave Old World diplomats because at the Paris conference they “had come, not begging, but demanding. By the Telephone Company, Swift, Rocke- feller and railroads, streetcar companies and pub- lic utilities were carrying on informative publicity activities.


On the other hand there were powerful political influ- ences which were against such a result. Thus, making him a double nephew to one household biologically speaking. Motion and still pictures were taken of the event.

Crystallizing Public Opinion

Because of the recent extraordinary growth of the profession of public relations counsel and the lack of available information concerning it, an air of mystery has surrounded its scope and func- tions. The ordinary person is a very temporary member of a great cyrstallizing of groups.

Mass meetings were held in different cities; petitions were drawn, signed and pre- sented; pilgrims j made calls upon Senate and House of Representatives Committees.

These activities helped to inform the public and lessened antagonism. His visionary ideas foresaw the role public relations would play in a democratic society at that time and in the future. Jan 02, Erica crtstallizing it it was amazing.

These latter activities were, to some extent, an anticipation of later methods of public relations. Thus journalism was born, an influential factor in the shaping of public opinion.

Their method was to fight words with words. At the first session the twenty-five students gave me twenty-five different definitions of public relations, despite the term having been denned and redefined for a quarter century.

Beranys the senators, he gave facts about Lithuania which would give them basis for favorable ac- tion. Crystallizing Public Opinion appeared the year after Lippmann’s Public Opinion and can be construed as an application of Lippman’s principles to the active manipulation of public opinion. These circumstances allowed much greater play to the forces of custom and tradition. Samuel Adams is called by many the press agent crytallizing the Revolu- tion, the father of American press agentry.


Crystallizing Public Opinion by Edward L. Bernays

His puvlic on “creating consent among the governed” stand out. The movement spread to non-profit organizations. While all this material had little direct bearing on the character of political life, it was a considerable factor in shaping public opinion.

Not so long ago every intelligent man knew that the world was fiat.

Then he adds, “A vastly more important and interesting theory, and one which must arise from the present state and tendency of industrial con- ditions, is whether the acts of men in commer- cial activity may ever become so prominent and so far reaching in their effect that they compel a universal public interest and that public com- ment is impliedly invited by reason of their con- spicuous and semi-public nature.

The crowd unconsciously identifies its members with one or the other competitor. Yet many businessmen, and the public as well, still lack real understanding of the nature and function of the profession.