Perfidy has 86 ratings and 12 reviews. Ze’ev said: This is Israel No one can say he truly understands how the State of Israel came to be if they hav. Once in a very great while you read a book that forever changes your perspective . For me that book was Ben Hecht’s Perfidy, which I devoured. Ben HECHT. PERFIDY with supplements. Julian Messner, Inc. New York [] Of course, Ben Hecht is himself a Zionist, an ultra-Zionist, one can say.

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In the Kastner affair, as it is known, a seemingly insignificant refugee from Hungary accuses an important member of David Ben Gurion s Mapai party of collaborating with the Perfdiy during the murder of Hungarian Jewry. Take the train that brought 1, people to safety. The Nazis would trade a million Jews for 10, trucks to be used only against the Soviets on the eastern front.

Michal Leah rated it it was ok Dec 21, I could not even watch “Roots” even though it’s part of my heritage. And I was there! Mandelblit owes the Israeli public a decision.

People respect, admire, and obey those who deceitfully send them to their deaths–otherwise they would never go. In this version, Brand’s trucks-for-Jews mission was – unbeknownst to him – just a cover story.

This speaks of the perfidy, or wickedness, that the founders of the state of Israel allowed to be perpetrated upon their fellow Jews. In peridy, Hecht is discussing actual events and uses a variety becht source material. They also pleaded for radio warnings to the doomed Jews, and for the bombing of the rail lines leading to Auschwitz.

In an opinion written by Justice Shimon Agranat, the high court said the task before it was not to give Kastner “a clean bill of health” perfiry to examine whether Grunwald had proved his contentions beyond reasonable doubt. Haim served five years in the British Army.


The trial opened in January and quickly transformed itself from a libel case against the hapless Grunwald into an indictment of Kastner and the entire Mapai apparatus.

Why, I asked, did he testify for the Nazi Becher after the war? Milah Press- History – pages. But this was a story that really intrigued me and although I’m not finished I was astonished to find information on the camps that I never knew.

Nevertheless, Rozett argued, “Ben Hecht’s book is not a work of history” and his prfidy are simply wrong. This is Israel The subject, Kastner, a bureaucrat living in pre- and early State of Israel, was accused basically of collaboration with the Nazis in Budapest: The book is based on transcripts from the trial and concludes that in Rudolf Kastner deliberately withheld from the Jews in Pertidy, knowledge that the trains the Nazis were putting them on were taking them to death by the gas chamber, not to a fictitious resettlement city as the Nazis claimed and that Kastner then lied about it under oath.

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Perfidy by Ben Hecht

And it certainly needs to be read with the same degree of criticism that Hecht himself imparts. Friedlander, for instance, writes that it is simply impossible to know why Kastner testified on the Nazi Becher’s behalf.

The author made a lot of assumptions about Kastner’s frame of mind at the time. In Kluj, Kastner’s home town, for example, 20, Jews were guarded by a handful of armed Germans. Vogelman rated it did not like it. Once in a very great while you read a book that forever changes your perspective. They were dust, economic and moral dust in a cruel world. Orie Niedzviecki rated it really liked it Oct 15, He didn’t need to keep his word, Lapid argued; who would know the difference?


The same kind of stuff has probably happened in every country; it wasn’t that hard to pull hecjt and it was kept quiet for decades, although reprinted in Playwright and historian of public conscience, In the Kastner affair, as it is hecyt, a seemingly insignificant refugee from Hungary accuses an important member of David Ben Gurion s Mapai party of collaborating with the Nazis during the murder of Hungarian Jewry.

Please provide an email address. Sarede Switzer rated it really liked it Jan 23, The land, the people. I have always found Want to Read saving…. This book, therefore, should be read as a polemic. Humanity is a misnomer.

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They did not know what to do with a million Jews. On June 22,Halevi delivered his verdict which took all day to read: Weizmann hung on to his status as a citizen of Great Britain until a week after taking office This sort of thing gave them a sense of superiority.

Today, I see no value in willing ourselves to remain embittered, perhaps in perpetuity, over Zionist ideological divisions during the Bem and the Shoah era. Rudolf Kastner’s “rescue” of a trainload of Jews from Nazi-occupied Hungary would norma Ben Hecht, along with Peter Bergson, sounded the calls of alarm in the period leading up to, and during, the implementation of Hitler’s Final Solution for the “Jewish Problem”.

Views Read Edit View history. There is no mention of the pedfidy few options Kastner faced. While Lapid is not heecht follower of Jabotinsky, neither is he a Mapainik, so his views carry some weight.

Kastner sued Greenwald for libel.