department contact Avsoft Systems at (US and Canada), or (International). 1. Table of Contents. Quick Study Guide – Airbus A department contact Avsoft Systems at (US and Canada), or (International). 1. Table of Contents Quick Study Guide – Airbus A A Study Guide If you are looking for a ebook A study guide in pdf format, then you have come on to correct site. We furnish the full variant of this book in.

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Outflow valve opens and cabin altitude increases.

When the engine is running, the number will be displayed in white. After I made a mistake, MG immediately corrected it!

No altitude data transmission. The website was easy to navigate and checkout was so fast! Green The crossfeed valve is fully open; ON remains illuminated.

Aircraft Quick Study Guides | Commercial Airline Study Materials | Avsoft

Which power source is powering the aircraft? Easy to order, and delivered quickly! Messages indicate the status of the landing gear and brake system: In the end, I got the headset I wanted. Offered more selection than any other competitor! An amber circle with an amber horizontal line indicates that the fire valve is fully closed. Will a fire and fault indication trigger an Engine fire z320


A320 Quick Study Guide – Airbus A320 Cockpit Controls & Indicators

It will help you focus your studies so as to fully prepare you for your checkride. What item should you check? Excellent customer service – especially Tyson! Appears only when the Glideslope and Localizer signals are valid and deviation scales are displayed. Indicates the position of the aft cargo inlet isolation valve.

Excellent quality that gets the job done! These parameters are displayed on the ECAM engine pages. A great example of what customer service should be. A green triangle is displayed when the valve is open. Products were high quality! Couldn’t be more pleased with my order! You won a loyal and returning customer!

Had exactly what I wanted and checkout was a breeze! Will continue to order from Marv until I retire! MG got these headphones out to me super quick. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Cockpit crew can talk on the interphone system without having to press a talk button.

Quick delivery and well packaged. If the line is horizontal, it indicates that the BMC is commanding the valve to open, but the valve is closed. The service at MG was outstanding as always! No shipping cost saves money. Marv Golden delivered my shades surprisingly fast. Generator field is energized; Line contactor closes only if electrical parameters volts, frequency are normal.


Received everything exactly as ordered. Everything went well ordering online, order arrived on time! My return was hassle-free! Great selection and fast delivery! A green circle with a vertical line indicates that the valve is in the commanded open position. Fast shipping, easy ordering, and great prices! Good prices, fast shipping, great service. Green indicates that the spoilers are operational. Automatic logic prevents the batteries from discharging completely while the aircraft is on the ground, the battery voltage drops below a specified limit, and no other power source is available.

I will definitely be a repeat customer! Battery amperage is displayed in green when the respective value is within limits. MG was great as always! Indicates the crew oxygen cylinder pressure. Quick delivery and great quality! Great quality at fair prices.

On Slippery runways, the pre-determined deceleration may not be reached due to anti-skid operation.