In today’s complex and volatile world the consequences of relying on fraudulent and counterfeit Hadith to legitimise extremist behaviour, issue. Authentication of Hadith: Redefining the Criteria. Remember me, or Register. Authentication of Hadith: Redefining the Criteria. JB Yusuf. Abstract. No Abstract. readers into further exploration of the original. Dr. Israr Ahmad Khan’s Authentication of Hadith: Redefining the. Criteria was published in complete form in

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When she died, they realised that the meaning of the longest hand was the one most generous in charity, as she loved charity work very much. It states that Allah revealed to the Prophet two things, the Quran and its bayan interpretation: The author points out that Islam was revealed as a balanced way of life, which tends to prefer that which is moderate and reject or dislike that which is immoderate. Yet hadlth truly serious attempt is largely absent.

Normally authenticaton one of those would display depending upon your screen size.

If fabrications are accepted as authentic guidance from the Prophet, it is easy for Muslims to authenticatikn led astray. The main arguments advanced in favour of the theory are based on certain Quranic ayat as well as certain traditions, particularly those recorded by al-Bukhari in Kitab al-Qadar. Fifth, the scholar at times advances his own view either favouring or rejecting the views of others.

Authentication of Hadith Redefining the Criteria

He shows a high level academic brilliance and truly proves himself to be extremely well-educated on hadlth rudiments of hadith criticism with an appealing insight. In the case of note no. The author reminds us just how much of an industry there was in the fabrication of Hadith and enumerates eight particular causal factors which are elaborated upon in the text:. As explained in the beginning of the chapter, human reason is not meant to signify mental power free from all bounds.

It seems appropriate to identify the errors contained in the report and rectify them in accordance with other available versions.

The author quotes a Hadith from Al-Bukhari on the authority of Aishah as follows: The first of these is quoted as follows:.


The book is quite short and easy to read, being less than pages, with just eight chapters after the Foreword and Introduction:. Summary Hadith are oral accounts of the sayings and actions of the Prophet Muhammad pbuh. Behold, we have willed that all beauty on earth be a means by which We put men to a test, to see as to which of them are best rrdefining conduct.

All these constitute an Islamic legacy that was meant to continue, leading people in general and authenticatjon in particular, throughout every age, time and place.

References to problems contained in the texts of some of the traditions recorded in authentic Hadith works, including al-Bukhari and Muslim, have been made in places. Given the issues raised and the force authehtication logic brought to bear, it would be hard for anyone to digest and accept them, albeit recorded by great Hadith scholars, as authentic.

Reports, at times, corroborate history and at times, contradict it.

Authentication of Hadith Redefining the Criteria

This reinterpretation is based on a so far untouched methodology that is not applied by Hadith commentators. He goes on to discuss how these commentators have grappled with the meaning of these 27 traditions, stating that the methodologies followed by all of them are very similar: Do some other scholars consider some traditions in them as weak?

They claim that man enjoys no freedom at all; what he does is preordained. The first of these is quoted as follows: This included the assembly of biographical dictionaries of Hadith narrators so that one could know whether two purported narrators could actually have met and whether they were reliable people. A clumsy fabricator may trip up by naming individuals whose lives or geographical locations did not overlap but a fabricator with good knowledge of history would be impossible to detect purely by relying upon analysis of the stated chain of transmission.

This is why only one of them can be accepted as right.

Ilorin Journal of Religious Studies

I recommend it to everyone interested in Islam. When this tradition was mentioned to Aishah she reacted sharply by saying: The author goes on to give a number of examples where leading Muslims from the early generations rejected purported traditions because they contradicted other more reliable traditions.

If the latter is yes, did the prophet order its exclusion? One, therefore, wonders about the essence of the textual criticism of the hadith. That means that some scholars before him had already challenged the tradition and the existing criteria that established its soundness, redwfining this raises the basic question of whether his own effort to question it is original.


He looks at the criteria used by Muslim scholars hsdith validate traditions and examines them in the light of the extent to which these criteria authenticatoon the accuracy of the texts. There should be perfect harmony between the two. An overview of the book The book is quite short and easy to read, being less than authenticatiob, with just eight chapters after the Foreword and Introduction: The criticism of the text of this hadith alone draws no merit; for if the story referred to above is sound implying that Ibrahim did not tell the truth then this tradition would do no good if it indicated the other way round.

By the One except whom there is no deity but He!

Authentication of Hadith: Redefining the Criteria – IIIT

The great significance that these traditions have for Muslim understanding of human responsibility cannot be underestimated, and seen in this context the chapter and traditions contained therein need careful examination. So esteemed is the text in fact, that its contents are generally held to be unquestionable. It is consequently the responsibility of Muslim scholars well versed in the Islamic sciences, to root out with honesty and courage those ahadith which have clearly been fabricated, and which not only invite spurious interpretation but also perpetuate ignorance betraying both the Quran and the Prophet.

The Quran therefore is a God-given criterion, which spells out what is right and what hadih wrong, distinguishing truth from falsehood. The book is very clearly written, short, and easy to read. In a situation where a critwria contradicts established history, the tradition, regardless of its authenticity in terms of the chain, is to be considered dubious if not declared fabricated.