Interview with Aukai Collins, whose book, My Jihad, describes his conversion to Islam and experiences as American Muslim fighting against. MY JIHAD: An American Mujahid’s Amazing Experiences in the World of Jihad, Bin Laden’s Training Camps, and the Aukai Collins, Author. by. Aukai Collins. · Rating details · ratings · 26 reviews. My Jihad is the personal story about the biggest threat to world peace and stability in our.

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Aukai Collins – Wikipedia

Their sudden reluctance to follow us puzzled me until I looked around and saw a set of mud structures farther up the road.

This sounded like a cop-out to me. Within a minute or so they were in a pickup truck and coming toward us, akuai he started to walk in the opposite direction.

Open Preview See a Problem? Views Read Edit View history. Thank you for signing up, fellow book lover! While auoai patrol we would hike for several hours without seeing a single soul; then we’d suddenly come across a mud house atop a aujai, where an entire family would be sitting out front. A couple of days later a driver showed up. Why had I come here? The night before I left, Muhammad and the guys in his weekly jihad class threw a small going-away party for me.

He was very intelligent and had spent many years fighting jihad. When it was time to go I wiped my cheeks and followed the others but was held back by the commander. A natural spring supplied water to the camp just below the tents.

When we reached Miram Shah the two guards escorted us to what was obviously some kind of police station. My Jihad aukqi an insider’s story about the greatest threat to world peace and stability in modern times, told by an unforgettable cllins warrior who has walked the walk, fought the fights, and lived to tell about it.

This biographical article about a person notable in connection with Islam is a stub. I stayed with them in Vienna for mmy a week. They were running a relief organization for the Bosnians.

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It was late at night and all I had was the address for the Harakat-ul Jihad office, so I hailed a taxi. The older guy also looked back and forth, and he didn’t seem surprised when the border guards started to jump up and down, pointing in our direction and shouting. I’m sure still have my paperback copy of this lying around somewhere.

Archived from the original on This was mutually beneficial in that Pakistan could defend its border without risking a major conflict with India, and the mujahideen got valuable experience and training. Without wasting any time, the cop started speaking to us in English.

As the commander raised his stump, his assistant started to sing. When I didn’t answer, he opened my door and motioned for me to get out. He walked over to the rear passenger door and said something I didn’t understand. Commander Khalid, an Afghan war veteran, was a serious-looking man with a full dark beard and a hard face.

The two border guards stayed behind as we got into the Suburban, drove away from the police station, and headed back toward Pakistan. An interesting perspective full of insight from a blue-eyed American who became a Muslim and trained with radical Islamists. I was napping after the morning prayer when the headmaster motioned for me to follow him to a Toyota pickup in the schoolyard.

Aukai Collins

They’d created a lounge area between the tents by aikai blankets on the ground inside a circular dirt berm. Recensie s Aukai Collins was the highlight of a two-day conference on terrorism, conducted by the Virginia-based Terrorist Research Center. The expression on his face reminded me of an experience I had had back in East San Diego when a cop was roughing up someone on the street. I’m still not sure why they did this, but it had something to do with me looking like an American soldier and fighting on their side.

Needless to say, I walked out of the office feeling stupid.

| My Jihad, Aukai Collins | | Boeken

After authoring My JihadCollins became a bounty hunterwhich ultimately led to his arrest in Mexico on weapons charges. I found the trail steep and difficult, and I was amazed at how Commander Khalid was able to manage it with just his crutches. But I was naive and looked at everything in terms of black and white. He died on July 19,of sepsis in Oceanside, California. It’s the story of an American colllins signs up to become an American Mujaheddin.


He then, among other things, went on to work as a collina cover intelligence operative for the FBI. I told him about myself, and he could see that I was sincere about Islam. Finally the guy traveling with me yelled juhad the driver, saying there wasn’t any more room for passengers. Yang ada hanya sebuah gambaran atas Sebuah keyakinan, sebuah pilihan, membawanya pada sebuah perjalanan yang mungkin tidak pernah dia bayangkan collims, dan itu nyata.

Trivia About My Jihad: Aukai Collins grew up hard: They added something about being sent to Africa, and after saying a quick good-bye they left in the Suburban with the driver.

Return to Book Page. Houd er rekening mee dat het artikel niet altijd weer terug op voorraad komt. Where they got their funding, what confederacies they had, how their organization was composed, were all things I didn’t consider or ask about. He told me that because the majority of the Muslims in the world weren’t practicing the religion properly, there was no jihad at the present time.

The whole bus would turn and stare at me, smiling. I wondered what I was doing riding in the back of an open pickup, which was even worse than being in the Suburban, but the driver stopped the truck as we came to a bend in the riverbed just before the border post. Toon meer Toon minder. I wondered if I was in some kind of trouble.