to discover the changes that happen going from stage play to screenplay Back to August, Osage County and Pulitzer-winning Tracy Letts. August: Osage County screenplay – For Your Consideration – post author Don. More from The Weinstein Company. This brings us to 33 scripts. Read, review and discuss the entire August: Osage County movie script by Tracy Letts on

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It’s Aunt Ivy, from Oklahoma. Well, genocide always seems like such a good idea at the time.

I mean, we fucked the Indians for this? Yeah, like Little Charles. Unless you were riding his ass. Help us with an illustration from your storybook marriage. Right, just need a little hindsight. She shuffles over to him.

Script Gods Must Die: August, Osage County

I’ll bet this house has heard a lot of Weston girl secrets. You can’t plan the future, you just can’t. I started getting worried, don’tcha know. IVY I can’t anyway, I had a hysterectomy last year.


Me and Steve together. Violet pulls more and more clothes from the closet, dumping them on the bed. All right, Mattie Fae. Two hours of it? She hits him with another pill bottle.

Think this is worth something. Well, I guess it was just the way I was raised, but somehow it doesn’t seem like a legitimate meal unless there’s some meat somewhere.

And now here he is, showing me Thus, my point about the Yankees. Only these small, intimate pieces. Welcome to make use of anything, everything, all this garbage we’ve sccreenplay, our life’s work. I am the subject, you narcissistic motherfucker!

Don’t you know not to say Cowboys and Indians? What do you mean, messing with”? Come here and give your Aunt Mattie Fae some sugar! But then, another pill bottle.

JEAN I’m gonna grab a smoke. Um, what pills does she take? I gave up a long time ago. It’s a good beat, right? This is my scdeenplay I mean, you’re drinking whiskey. JEAN Mom, you are such a liar! So don’t worry about me.


I can live my life with myself. Johnna, what’s going on? And come January, I’ll be in Belize.

SCRIPT GODS MUST DIE: ‘August: Osage County’

She started dropping hints about a package under the tree she had wrapped up, about the size of a boot box, nice wrapping paper. I don’t want it, got no use for it. Please don’t tell me that’s the end of the story. Well, bitter, yes, but “random selection of cells”? But you’ll be gone soon enough, never to augusy. My mama osagw a mean, nasty, mean old lady. Ad-lib greetings, hugs, handshakes, Karen’s introduction of Steve. My focus, my life, my world is now.

Famous actor upon famous actor one-upping each other, raising the decibel and insanity levels non-stop.