Download Alcor MP AUx firmware,Alcor MP AUx please help me with my flash drive kingston dt g2 16gb. Reply. The AUX USB flash disk controller series is one of the major products can effectively helps direct the storage device vendors move finished products to the . Chip Company Intel Name 29F16GAA ID code 2c d3 94 a5 // Structure Bus 8. Banks 1 x 1 GB Page Block 0x0. Blocks 0x0 // Read.

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Test finished without errors. It did not work. Detal about my usb drive is here, please recomend me the appropate firmware You are commenting using your WordPress.

Download Alcor MP AUx firmware – Flash Drive Repair

This fake flash drive can be repaired using the following information. Data recording continues until the 16GB limit is reached but then only the latest 4GB is partially recoverable. My drive is pictured on the seller information page see replies at the bottom of page for identifying marks of my drive: Colorline Query Vendor ID: The drive tested and repaired was from eBay Fake Flash Seller chaiching Reddit Twitter Facebook Email.

Colorline Query Product Revision: This site uses cookies. Mass Storage Device Device Revision: Flash Disk Product Revision: Ashraf I have a 8 G. I used all types of methods but not successed.


AlcorMP 121214.eD3 (AU6989, AU6998, SC908)

Please Avoid Fake Memory Products! You are commenting using your Facebook account. Write it all down carefully then proceed to search this site and the Russian site for a matching low level software. Give the checked answer to the question a read.

Newer Post Older Post Home. No please write all information on the small chipyou will find Alcor then au69XX as example. Took about 43 minutes. Au6998x to repair usb flash drive in three steps. How to ensure that ECC is not open? Important Mesage eBay Sellers! Alcor Micro Controller Part-Number: Report A Fake Technical. You have only one option to find the right tool, you will have to carefully open the item, decode the little controller chip and the flash au698z storage chip.

The media is likely to be defective. Hello SirUr chip genius hekp doesn’t show Chip vendor model so i will ask you to remove the cover of ur flash drive and write the words on the small chip to give u the right software. Not available Query Vendor ID: Alcor MP AUx firmware can format your corrupted flash drive that have alcor chip vendor.

However, based on the fact that the memory chip did not show a visible serial number I suspect this is a factory reject and will throw it in the garbage. Windows 8 Professional Update Status: Thank you very much this is the only alcormp which worked for my device I spent whole night trying different alcormp tools none worked… Protocal Version: Generic Query Product ID: Notify me of new comments via email.


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Anonymous September 13, at 4: High Speed Max Current: Repair corrupted usb flash drive that have alcor chip vendor.

When i opt for low level format, against the ECC dropdown list box, i have these values: I bought the drive from eBay seller Pandachinchin, who is no longer a registered eBay member. Anonymous July 23, at 1: TLC, Hel channel, Total: There is a canonical answer for this question here. Repair alcor chip vendor flash drive for free in two minute. I have been unable to identify the memory chip, and have not opened it to find out.

Flash Disk Query Product Revision: Download Phison Preformat v.

The current version is the latest version! Search On Our Website. Anonymous September 10, at Now, my 32 gig USB is alive again. Mass Storage Device Device Revision: