Z, Payment Group Next Number, UBE R76BES NN 04/06, This UBE generates a unique identifier for the flat file and assigns a next number from 04/ Appendix: (BRA) Fields for Flat Files for Ato COTEPE 11 of This appendix discusses: Sum of fields: [(09+10+11) − (04+05+06+07+08)]. E update-of-paf-ecf-according-to-ato-cotepe-icmsfromfor

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The attribute uses the value in the Postal Code field with the separator. For each segment in a line sequence, this UBE resets the counter to zero.

To avoid conflicting with the category codes that are already in use, localization dynamically allocates the category codes that it requires.

The only difference I see is that, if we use a exit, an idoc is created and put in 51 status on the other hand if the badi is used no idoc is created. For example, you might set up these values: Examples of codes include: The system uses the values in this UDC table when you associate neighborhood codes with address book records.

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For example, you might set up one version of the PO Transaction BRNFSP program to process accepted electronic notas fiscais so that the system changes the status of the nota fiscal according to the order activity rules, and set up a different version of the PO Transaction BRNFSP program for electronic notas fiscais with errors so that the system does not update the status using the order activity rules.

Enter the 3-digit transaction nature code in the Codes field, and enter the 5-digit transaction nature code in the Description 02 field. Set up codes for the general ledger class descriptions for the distribution AAIs.

Several fiscal book programs use these codes.

The system uses the value in the Description 02 field of this UDC table when you reverse receipts or close notas fiscais; and you have a subledger and subledger type associated with the purchase order associated with the reversed receipt or nota fiscal. The purchase use of the item determines the tax recoverability of the item.


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The system uses the value in the Postal Code field without the separator. All other values are out of scope of this report. This chapter contains the following topics: Enter the code that the Brazilian fiscal regulation assigns to the credit card company in the Special Handling Code field.

Use this code to specify the type of fiscal book information that the system processes when you add information in the inbound or outbound Nota Fiscal Maintenance program P76B The system uses the codes when it calculates income tax for an individual who has provided a service that is included on a nota fiscal.

You must enter the demonstrative code, by which the tax amounts are summed, in the Description 01 field. Default Markup Brazil Code Description 01 Description 02 02 Brazil The city code associated with the address number in the Supplemental Database program P No similar item in domestic market.

For example, you could set up these codes: If there is a 1 in the second position of the Special Handling Code field, it means that all transactions with this item origin are considered foreign transaction. A value of 2 means that information originating with the bank is cross-referenced to information in the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne system.

How to set Cursor on table. Enter the alphabetic code in the Codes field, and enter the numeric code in the Special Handling Code field. The system uses these codes to identify the type of nota fiscal that you enter or retrieve and enables or disables fields for notas fiscais based on the type that you select.

Set up these payment types: If the nota fiscal is outbound, FB. You can generate import declaration in a fiscal note. For inbound notas fiscais, if the nota fiscal is within the date range as determined by FB.

The aato for the attribute varies, depending atk the processing options for R76B03ZS: Use these codes to group IPI taxes for a day period.

(BRA) Fields for Flat Files for Ato COTEPE 11 of

You set processing options in the Item Master Additional Info program P to identify the category codes for which the system enables you to select values to associate with items. For example, you can set up these codes:.


Verification begin date from a value that you enter in the Ato Cotepe Block Setup program. The mailing name of the accountant from F Public or Mixed-Capital Co. Set up codes for the income tax deductions for the dependents of an individual. You set up special handling codes for the Brazil-specific document types to specify an operation type and to create a cross-reference between the two-character document type that JD Edwards EnterpriseOne software uses and the three-character Brazilian document types.

If the value is not 1, the system leaves this field blank. This table describes the values that the system uses when you process records for IN86 or IN89 tax reporting if you do not set up special handling codes for Brazil-specific document types:.

Therefore, you set up this UDC table with the numeric value in the Special Handling Code field for each of the alphabetical status codes that are used in the NFe process. Set up codes to represent the types of raw materials that you use.

If the Customer Address option is blank, uses the value for the Address 4 field in the F table for the address book number that appears in the Address Number field ago the F03B11 table.

Check the current account assignment transaction, or Customizing for account assignment in Asset Accounting. Address number of the inventory owner from field 2 of the register for block 0. The system processes an order line based on the order activity rules that you set up for the order type and line type combination.