Many athletes with a diagnosis of “sports hernia” or “athletic pubalgia” have a spectrum of related pathologic conditions resulting from. Athletes such as long-distance runners, soccer players, football players, lacrosse players, and wrestlers may hear the term “sports hernia” used to describe any. Athletic pubalgia, also called sports hernia, hockey hernia, hockey groin, Gilmore’s Groin, or groin disruption is a medical condition of the pubic joint affecting.

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A careful history, physical examination, and imaging are needed for an accurate diagnosis.

Athletic pubalgia

Any exertion that increases intra-abdominal pressure, such as coughing, sneezing, or sporting activity can cause pain. Yernia may be helpful to avoid deep hip flexion, low repetition, heavy weight strength training during this recovery period.

Sensory disturbances and dysethesias in the lower abdominal, inguinal, anteromedial thigh, and genital splrts can be present with occasional entrapment of branches of the iliohypogastric, ilioinguinal, and genitofemoral nerves. Infobox medical condition new All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from August Support Center Support Center.

This may take up to 12 weeks. If the athlete is limited in season and unable to participate despite nonsurgical measures, surgery can be considered. Treatment of a hip capsular injury in a professional soccer player with platelet-rich plasma and bone marrow aspirate upbalgia therapy.

Patellar tendon rupture Achilles tendon rupture Shin splints. The evidence, however, is lacking regarding the short- and long-term efficacy of these injections. Conservative therapies gentle stretching and a short period of rest [9] may temporarily alleviate the pain, but definitive treatment consists of surgical repair followed hrnia a structured rehabilitation.

With reports of associated intra- and extra-articular hip pathology in athletes, it is imperative to evaluate the hip joint. Intra-articular hip and pubalgia symptoms may coexist.

Anteroposterior pelvic radiograph in a collegiate hockey player with clinical examination consistent with intra-articular hip and athletic pubalgia symptoms reveals bilateral cam type deformities solid arrowacetabular retroversion dashed curved lineand ostieitis pubis dashed arrow. Football and ice hockey players are affected most frequently, and both recreational and professional athletes may be affected.

The majority of AMSSM members are primary care physicians with fellowship training hernoa added qualification in sports medicine who then combine their practice of sports medicine with their primary specialty. sportss

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Symptoms include pain during sports movements, particularly hip extension, and twisting and turning. Injury to the abdominal wall at hernla fascial attachments of the rectus and adductors onto the pubis is implicated in athletic pubalgia. Br J Sports Med.

Athletic pubalgia (sports hernia).

Laparoscopic surgery for chronic groin pain in athletes is more effective than nonoperative treatment: The variety of procedures and lack of outcomes measures in these studies make it difficult to compare one surgical approach to another. Pulled elbow Gamekeeper’s thumb.

It is a syndrome characterized by chronic groin pain in athletes and a dilated superficial ring of the inguinal canal. This page was last edited on 2 Novemberat This improved sphericity and offset improves hip range of motion, which might help to protect the athletic pubalgia repair or result in resolution of athletic pubalgia symptoms when a concomitant or prior repair has not been performed.

High incidence of athletic pubalgia symptoms in professional athletes with symptomatic femoroacetabular impingement.

Athletic pubalgia (sports hernia).

A resisted sit-up or crunch with palpation of the inferolateral edge of the distal rectus abdominus may re-create symptoms. Journal List Sports Health v. Athletes who undergo surgery are typically able to return to sports but this can take 4 weeks to 6 months. Head and neck Dislocation of jaw Whiplash. Symptoms The pain is in the groin region, can occasionally radiate up into the stomach or down into the thigh, and is frequently increased with running, kicking, twisting, sit ups, coughing, or sneezing.

The author declared the following potential conflicts of interest: Lower abdominal, adductor, and symphyseal pain to palpation is common in athletes; therefore, it is critical to determine if the pain is consistent with their symptoms.

When contemplating options, a period of non-surgical treatment should be initially attempted. Nonsurgical Treatment and Outcomes Physical therapy should be instituted focusing on core stabilization, postural retraining, and normalization of the dynamic relationship of the hip and pelvis muscles. Taking time off from offending athletic activities can lead to resolution of symptoms, but these frequently recur with resumption of sports. An year review of sports groin injuries in the elite hockey player: Although nonsurgical treatment should initially be attempted, there are limited data evaluating the efficacy of such treatment.


An MRI or ultrasound may show soft tissue abnormalities such as a muscle or tendon injury. By nature of their training and experience, sports medicine physicians are ideally suited to provide comprehensive medical care for athletes, sports teams or active individuals who are simply looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Ice hockey, soccer, Australian rules football, and rugby have a particularly high incidence of groin-related injuries.

AMSSM is a multi-disciplinary organization of sports medicine physicians dedicated to education, research, advocacy and the care of athletes of all ages. Studies are limited, however, lacking consistent objective criteria for making the diagnosis and assessing outcomes. Treatment Initial treatment usually includes avoiding painful activities and specific strength and flexibility exercises. Scand J Med Sci Sports.

Endoscopic evaluation and treatment of groin pain in the athlete. However, strengthening the hip adductors and abductors is important. Pain can also be elicited with the patient in a “frog position,” in which the patient is supine with knees bent and heels together. Also, many athletes have concomitant weakness sporrs tearing eports the adductor muscles or labral tears of the hip. Shoulder and upper arm Rotator cuff sporys. Sports Medicine Evaluation There may be tenderness when the doctor pushes on the painful area, and it may hurt when the hip is twisted.

It has been given many names in the past, such as sportsman hernia and hockey groin. Fibers from the rectus abdominus, conjoint tendon a fusion of the internal oblique and transversus abdominusand external oblique merge to form the pubic aponeurosis.

Hip and Groin.

Specific outcomes measures and longer term follow-up sporta not available for the majority of these studies, making it difficult to identify a clearly superior surgical technique or the long-term benefit of such procedures. If an athlete is in season and able to function at a high level despite pain, nonsurgical treatment and occasional nonnarcotic analgesics eg, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications, acetaminophen are appropriate with consideration for surgery after the season if still symptomatic.