Arun Kolatkar () was one of India’s greatest modern poets. He wrote prolifically, in both Marathi and English, publishing in magazines and anthologies . Arun Kolatkar’s epic poem, Jejuri, celebrates life in an Indian city – from its streets to its shrines. Amit Chaudhuri on the poet who deserves to be. A sequence of stunningly simple but haunting poems, Jejuri is one of the great books of Jejuri is a site of pilgramage in author Arun Kolatkar’s.

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Any reader of Midnight’s Childrenand of its tribe of fictional children, should get to know Kolatkar too’ – Boyd Tonkin, Independent. In Marathi, his poetry is the epitome of kolatkat modernist as manifested in the ‘little magazine movement’ in the s and s. New Recordings Spanning Five Decades.

Arun Kolatkar

Please try again later. For now, Kolatkar’s influence – no less far-reaching, potentially, than that of Midnight’s Children – hovers on the edges; which is where, as we see in Jejuri, he liked to be.

The Skull Beneath the Skin: My Favourite Poetry Collections in Martin’s Upcoming Fantasy Novel, kolwtkar Bilingual poet and anthologist Vilas Sarang assigns great importance to Kolatkar’s contribution to Marathi poetry, pointing to Chirimiri in particular as “a work that must give inspiration and direction to all future Marathi poets”. Many poems in Bhijki Vahi refer to contemporary history.

A further posthumous selection, The Boatride and Other Poemsedited by Arvind Krishna Mehrotra, contained his molatkar uncollected English loems as well as translations of his Marathi poems; among the book’s surprises were his translations of bhakti poetry, song lyrics, and a long love poem, the only one he wrote, cleverly disguised as light verse.

A version of the poem A low temple [15] was published soon in a little magazine called Dionysiusbut both the original manuscript and this magazine were lost.

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It seemed an interesting place. His early Marathi poetry is far more audacious and takes greater liberties with language.

The 60s, for him, were a time of reappraisal and ferment. Some of these characteristics can be seen in Jejuri and Kala Ghoda Poems in English, but his early Marathi poems are aeun more radical, dark and humorous than his English poems. One reason was that the poem, like its author, resisted being pigeonholed into quasi-religious categories; in response to an interviewer asking him, inif he believed in God, Kolatkar had said: Mirjam Tuominen – Short Prose.

Arun Kolatkar – Wikipedia

He wrote prolifically, in both Marathi and English, publishing in magazines and anthologies frombut kolarkar not bring out a book of poems before Jejuriwhich won him the Commonwealth Poetry Prize and was later published in the US in the NYRB Classics series He told the poet Eunice de Souza that he discovered Jejuri in “a book on temples and legends of Maharashtra For Piems Krishna Mehrotra, it was ‘among the finest single poems written in India in the last forty years…it surprises by revealing the familiar, the hidden that is always before us’.

But she has eighteen, you protest. We are experiencing technical difficulties. For the essence arhn the poem is a spiritual quest, the effort to find the divine trace in a degenerate world. The poem sequence deals with a visit to Jejuria pilgrimage site for the local Maharashtrian deity Khandoba a local deity, also an incarnation of Shiva.

Pilgrims’ progress

When asked by an interviewer who his favorite poets and writers were, he set kplatkar a large multilingual list. Famous poets 24 Maya Angelou.

Had they done so, our view of Srun writing in English would be a different, a aeun heterogeneous and unexpected one than it has been in the last 25 years. Suzi Feay’s Book Bag. They seem to thus reproach him by their opacity, their inaccessibility, their very presence: His early Marathi poetry is far more audacious and takes greater liberties with language. Brought out from a small press, it was reprinted twice in quick succession, and Pritish Nandy was quick to anthologize him in the cult collection, Strangertime.


Collected Poems in English | Bloodaxe Books

Archived from the original on 8 July Salman Rushdie called it ‘sprightly, clear-sighted, deeply felt…a modern classic’. By then Kala Ghoda Poems was making waves and the snippets I saw here and there on the web and in Jeet Thayil’s 60 Indian poets whetted my appetite further.

Eventually a friend who was also on the hunt, managed to have them jolatkar up from Pras Praksashan itself – both this volume and Sarpa Satra, and we read both at breathless speed.

Retrieved from ” https: Poetry Society of America. Monday, 19 September Arun Kolatkar: Kolqtkar found Kolatkar there on the Thursday afternoon; three or four meetings, another trip to Bombay, and long-distance telephone calls to a neighbour’s phone he didn’t own one himself followed in my attempt to make him sign the contract. His later works Chirimiri, Bhijki Vahi and Droan are less introverted and less nightmarish.

Sublime and satirical, comic and visionary by turns, close to the gutter but looking at the stars, Kolatkar over many years became a Bombay bard to march, or outperform, the city’s novelists. While Jejuri can be considered as an example of searching for a belonging, which happens to be the major fixation of the previous generation of Indian poets in English, Kala Ghoda poems do not betray any anxieties and agonies of ‘belonging’.

His well-known prickliness about contracts came not so much, I think, from a feeling of neglect, as from a sense of allegiance to a sub-culture that had, ;oems now, largely disappeared.