Sandy: Stayed up all night reading and ARC of Arsen by Mia Asher-Author. I am totally & completely gutted in a wonderful way. Cannot wait. Summary: One glance was all it took I’m a cheater. I’m a liar. My whole life is a mess. I love a man. No, I love two men I think. One makes. Hmmm How to state this. Arsen is a sick, misogynistic 24 year old. Cathy is a tool. So pretty much Arsen is Heathcliff and well Cathy is Cathy.

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So… who knows what the deal is with that first part and me?

The premise is easy. This woman’s entire world is shattered by these miscarriages and she feels that Ben isn’t suffering the same way she is. Not his first time with Cathy, not just a day aser declaring his love for her This unbalance left me indecisive on rating the story. The writing was excellent and the story draws you in.

He lets her feel what she feels, be herself. A friend summed up this story great with one sentence and word of wisdom This book will make you feel all that and more.

I’ve been finished for hours and I can still feel bh book. For more reviews got to http: I am not sure what I think about it really….


Arsen by Mia Asher

If you take a good hard look, its a situation that many women face What a powerful story. For the first time in my blogging life, I have no idea how to rate a book so I am NOT marking a star rating. He is starting teasing her.

There is one very graphic, very disgusting scene between Arsen and Cathy that in my mind should have women up in arms about it, not swooning. Unfortunately the heroine Cathy was my biggest issue.

From the age of 18, at that party, where Ben was nothing but a stand-up respectful, honorable guy and wanted to wait to have sex with Cathy in a romantic, respectable way, and Cathy pitched a tantrum, dressed like a whore, danced like a skank with Ben’s friend who she’d never met, just to try to make Ben jealous The most disgusting, the masquerade party. They have the marriage everyone is dreaming of. Quick disclaimer- there is cheating.

Estoy completamente a favor de relatar historias duras y controvertidas, pero I’m not condoning anything that she did. I read your review and others and just thought noooo, not my thing, but then you went and gave it 5 stars. All dressed in a beautifully broken love story. Ok… You just convinced me. When things became too much she hit rock bottom and sex with a man that was not her husband became an escape.


Arsen: A Broken Love Story by Mia Asher

She saw him as a person and not a good looking man of wealth who she’d like to use and abuse. She thought she lost love and spark with Ben after all those years. Arsen is her kryptonite. First arse I have responded to a bog site, but I have to say that I bought Arsen based on the site — and was not disappointed.

Gah… so much going on and now, looking back I would not have it any other way. One that might not be able to be saved. He was absolutely gorgeous. The real cheating didn’t begin until the second half and even when Cathy was in a place where she felt like she needed Arsen, I still just didn’t feel anything for him. Their marriage is seemingly perfect.

Cathy was mentally at a low place, and she was left wide open. This book will have me reeling for a few days.