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The creation of this sleeve turned out to be pretty fast. The gate is an obvious representation of the transition between this world and the afterlife.

A good result all the same, at this pace we may be able to finish it ahead of schedule. I was confident that he itliani agree with me annuwrio I had shown him the drawings of the great Czech artist, and so it was. I’m greatly honored to have my work published in the portfolio section of this issue of Skeen Deep probably one of the best selling tattoo magazines in the world: A kind of homage, with all the symbolisms that this flower brings with it: One of my tattoos is among them.

I do not investigate, I like to look around and take inspiration from everything around me to create something new. I was hoping 20144 be able to complete the car but the resistance of the client didn’t allow me to.

Manulibera: tatuaggi giapponesi a Milano | Tattoo Life

In fact, it increases the sense of frustration for something that you know could have been better. So 3 more sittings were needed. Initially it seemed out of place next to the biomechanical, but I was proved wrong. Unfortunately New Zealand is a little out of the way for me to go back to do a couple of touch-ups and take some pictures: Phrases taken from songs, books, poems, football slogans or, the most unoriginal of all, phrases created personally by aspiring poets who have never read annuarioo book of poems over which we should draw a veil.


This client has proven to be more mature than many adults.

Chuck Klosterman is his guiding light and The Who his favourite band ever. Now I just have to confidently wait for the next project since he told me that his aim is to cover himself in biomechs. I’ll reply as soon as possible.

In particular, being hell a fear more or less induced linked to death, I liked the idea of designing it as if the entire thing were originating from the skull, the quintessential symbol of death. A paradigm that fulfills their desire to feel part of a group, to comply showing their brand, their membership.

In the 4th session I dedicated myself to the roses using as reference some photographs I had taken a while back. Suggestion that he accepted immediately. When it became clear that two or three sessions were missing for the work to be completed I decided to make some lines thicker and re-trace some others.

We had initially planned to do the work in a single sitting, but now that we were going to do a full back piece that was impossible of course, not to mention that we had already spent plenty of time discussing the work and reworking the initial design. So I suggested he let me create something unique for him. Since he wanted a realistic woman’s face, decorated with typical Mexican Day of the Dead themes, I told him to look on the internet for women’s faces, possibly in black and grey, and decorations he would like to be applied on the face.

Anyhow, the work turned out to be a success and he is happy with the end result which required 10 additional sessions for an average of approx. To my proposal he replied saying that he preferred to maintain a dividing strip running down the center just like in the traditional Japanese tattoos. Courtesy of Martin Schmetzer Now that common society has sanctioned the practice of tattooing many tend to imitate the same styling cues, including letterings, that have been used for decades, if not centuries.


In sitting dedicated to the watches and some finishing touches on the Hatter, we tried to keep chatter to a minimum, but we succeeded much better during the next sitting during which I intended to finish all the vegetation, without succeeding.

Tattooing A to Z #16: Gian Maurizio Fercioni

Let the News come to you! Now all we have to do is wait, because I’m almost certain that this project has not yet come to itaoiani end.

The lyrics of a song or a quote by some famous asshole can surely find similarities in texts that are far more synthetic, valuable and intense written by some poets or playwrights. Over all these years we have honed our publishing skills, striving to interpret the needs of our readers and satisfy those of xnnuario artists who take part in the project. Too bad that after a couple of sessions, when I expressed my frustration for not being able to perform the work in my own way he replied: He showed up with an image downloaded from the internet, a back piece that would make Giger turn in his grave if it were considered biomechanical.