Description: Ultrasonic Leak Detector, AC Frequency Response 35 to 45 KHz, Function Quickly Detects and Pinpoints the Origin of Ultrasonic Sound Produced . AMB-3 AMPROBE Insulation Testers / Megohmmeters ANANLOG MEGOHMMETER V INSULATION TST datasheet, inventory, & pricing. Find great deals for Amprobe Amb-3 Insulation Resistance Tester Meter Megger Volts. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Our Inventory tool shows you who has an Amprobe tool available today. Please register your products, so we will be able to notify you of software, firmware and specifications updates. You will be directed to a page where you can locate user manuals for all Amprobe products. Cut unscheduled downtime and reduce shock hazards with the Amprobe AMB Quickly check the insulation resistance value of electric equipment and lines with this small, easy to operate tester.

We use these handy testers to check insulation resistance on wires we install.

This tools lets us know if a wire has been nicked or damaged and will leak voltage once energized. Saves us some headaches with dim lights.

This little device can save lives to.


Amprobe Amb-3 Insulation Resistance Tester Meter Megger 500 Volts

Just resently we installed mcm copper service wires. Before we energized the wires we Megger the wires with this tester and it showed one leg shorting to ground.

We removed the wire and sure enough the cable was nicked and touching the metal conduit. Could have been an arc flash situation.

Amprobe – AMB-3 – ANALOG MEGOHMMETER; INSULATION TESTER; V – Allied Electronics & Automation

I prefer the analog tester over the digital because I can watch the needle move as it charges the wire and drop down again. When you use a digital one it just spits a number out and it’s hard to tell if you have a loose test lead.

I’ve dropped it several times and it always works and passes our yearly calibrations test. Defiantly a must ambb-3 for any electrician or industrial maintenance person.

Rated amh-3 out of 5 by TommyT from This a great insulation tester for the price! I use this insulation tester megger all the time to troubleshoot ground faults on pieces of equipment and to verify there are no ground faults on new equipment before commissioning it.

This tester will identify ground faults that can not be found with just a simple ohm test to ground with a standard multimeter because it charges the conductor with vdc to check for leakage to ground.


Rated 5 out of 5 by danny from best product on the market. Very easy to use and read I would recomend this to any one new to the field or like me more advanced. I thought it would be to big to carry around but the size is perfect the display is ideal to see in all lighting.

Big amv-3 when cramp up next to a motor checking for ground wires Date published: Tests insulation of wires, cables, transformers and electrical motors Battery powered Helps cut unscheduled downtime and reduce shock hazards Built in voltmeter Battery OK test Mirror scale Automatic discharge of equipment capacitance for safe removal of test leads.

Amprobe Amb-3 Insulation Resistance Tester

Users manual,batteries installed ,carrying case, test leads. This product is discontinued. Tests insulation of wires, cables, transformers and electrical motors Battery powered Helps cut unscheduled downtime and reduce shock hazards Insulation resistance with VDC test voltage: