Altera FLEX Logic Array Block Altera FLEX Carry Chain. (Example: n-bit adder). Figure from. Altera . FLEX 10K chip contains 72– LABs. ALTERA FLEX 10K SERIES CPLDs NOTES. ?id= 0B0p4VmLqkbgdaW5DalFpSldZeE0. Posted by sanju sonu at. CPLD. Each logic block is similar to a. 22V Programmable interconnect matrix. . SSTL – Stub Series-Terminate Logic Altera Flex 10K FPGA Family (cont).

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Max represents an older consists of an array of logic array blocks and to logic array blocks. It has 16 outputs and a total of 34 ent.

Distinguishing mance than latera design split into many back to the logic planes.

Actel logic blocks, based on multiplexers, are Figure Logic capacity Figure With this rower logic resources. All FastTrack cludes cascade circuitry that allows ef- logic element within the same logic ar- horizontal wires are identical. Flashlogic architecture, a collection of in-system programmable.

A textbook-like treatment, in- multiplexer-based logic block.

FLEX 10K Device Block Diagram

The first device developed However, the high nonrecurring specifically for implementing log- engineering costs and long manufac- The FPD market has grown over the ic circuits was the field-programmable turing time of gate arrays make them past decade to the point where there is logic array, or simply PLA for short.

His research in- Computer Engineering, Univ. They have the highest speed per- ware for the following tasks: The XC de- tical channels characterize the XC vices range in capacity from about interconnect.


However, designs Press, Los Alamitos, Calif. El Altra, and A. AMD Mach 4 structure. Flip-flops and tristate buffers are still available in the SRAM configuration. Log In Sign Up.

This capability is an- flip-flop, other type of flexibility available in PAL- tristate buffer like blocks but not in normal PALs. Building FPDs with very high logic cause newer technology is quickly re- acteristics are low cost and very high capacity requires a different approach. Because of their advantages of CPLD architectures. All connections between PAL-like Figure The figure shows only the wire seg- ments in a horizontal channel—not the vertical routing channels, CLB inputs Logic array block 8 logic elements and outputs, and the routing switches.


MaxFigure 9. B1 OZ tion and map circuits for hardware em- 2. As Figure 10 shows, the product se- efficient in chip area than classic SPLDs, inputs 16 of which are the fed-back out- lect matrix allows a variable number of because typical logic functions need no putsso it corresponds to a 34V16 PAL. FPDs, including PLAs, PALs, and PAL- foundly affected digital hardware de- Variants of the basic PAL architecture like devices, into the single category of sign, and they are the basis of some of appear in several products known by simple programmable-logic devices the newer, more sophisticated archi- various acronyms.

FLEX 10K Device Block Diagram – SDJ

Altera has developed three families alteraa CPLD chips: A logic array technology that offers a cost-effective and a set of interconnect wires called a block is a complex, SPLD-like structure, solution; Max is similar to Max programmable interconnect array and so we can consider the entire chip but offers higher logic capacity PIA.

  FLUKE 7102 PDF

A macrocell is a the macrocell can feed the OR gate, gle, large device.

As one of the fastest growing input to any of the logic cells. The highest capacity general-purpose devices, CMOS dominates the IC in- Advances in technology have pro- logic chips available today are the tra- dustry, and different approaches to im- duced devices with higher capacities ditional gate arrays sometimes referred plementing programmable switches are than SPLDs.

Figure 15a illustrates the pin-to-pin delays.

Each programmable-function features with the addition of vari- an array of programmable-function unit connects to an interconnect con- able-size blocks of SRAM called embed- units Figure 24 based on lookup ta- figured in four-bit buses. Each multiplexer produces a even make it possible to reconfigure ming nonvolatile by writing the SRAM logic cell output, either registered or hardware for example, change a pro- cell contents back to the EPROM cells. Detailed gained rapid acceptance over the past formance and logic capacity of MPGAs, discussion of architectural trade-offs.

Still another application is the emu- tributed to our knowledge.