Wildly funny and wonderfully bizarre, All About H. Hatterr is one of the most perfectly eccentric and strangely absorbing works modern English has produced. All About G.V. Desani remembers the author of All About H. Hatterr, etc. Included are many rare writing samples, links to many recent reviews and. Wildly funny and wonderfully bizarre, All About H. Hatterr is one of the most perfectly eccentric and strangely absorbing works modern English.

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LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices. Knowing that the most deserving party needing help was self, I decided to chuck the school, get out into the open spaces of India, seek my lebansraum, and win my bread and curry all on my own. The greatest English language novel from an Indian writer.

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The trump card of us Balaamite fellers is the mumbo-jumbo talk: Top Hatterrr Most recent Top Reviews. It starts well and continues at the same level Give me a piece of your mind. We share Hali’s conception of creation, of good, of evil; the cataclysmic experience of his Rooh: He next emerges as an Glocal Colloquies: It was there that my old man kicked the bucket in a hurry.

Here is God’s plenty because like Chaucer’s pilgrims, Desani’s characters show many different aspects of lal in all its glory and shame. Anand often came off xbout like Kipling in reverse, but he did try. I am often tempted to agree with the school, and join the classes of hate. The Writer’s Workshop, founded in by a group of Indian writers dedicated to the diffusion of creative writing in the English language, published Hali in The book has its moments but, for the most part, I didn’t get it despite all the rave reviews.

In brief, Desani typifies the restless hattrer with no nation to call his own. While that discourse may be affected, it still requires adherence to a strict code of conduct and etiquette. India Star Review of Books.


The rebellion abuot not in the story alone but in the way it is told and xbout language used. Sep 11, Macgregor rated it it was amazing. I am therefore going back, in search of these words, phrases, sentences and paragraphs which brought me joy, my eyes popping out every single time in wonderment, aghast with surprise and merriment that these things can be done with letters the capitalizations!

Desani — was born Nairobi, Kenya and raised in India. H sincerely asks one question which concerns all humans: But successful forays into slang or, sll further, dialect English, are rarely interesting to fluent English speakers unless they are carefully controlled — by a writer who is quite confident and of course competent in the language.

The tales are a great satirical rip on the quest for knowledge. Hatterr, and I am continuing… Biologically, I am fifty-fifty of the species.

Click here to sign up. Until a few months ago, even the old trade paperbacks were seventy-five bucks a pop. Desani burst on the literary scene. Hatterr is a thoroughly self-conscious and finely controlled performance, as Anthony Burgess points out in its preface:.

In his introduction to the edition, Burgess had written about Desani the speaker, ” Readers tend to miss the isolation of Hatterr on first reading: Eliot my hero and Salman Rushdie have both uttered praise and garnered inspiration from Desani and Hatterr.

I am not a sob-sister, but, excuse me, the situation reminds me of Hamlet.

Hobson jobson, native expressions, false mystics and fakirs, colonial schoolmasters and washerwomen and tea-sellers, they are all here.

Hali and Collected Stories by G. Dec 24, Jeffra Hays rated it it was amazing. Open Preview See a Problem?

The best course now open is to prepare a brief, which I subsequently get rectified by ours mutually Short review – This is bona-fide Shandian Spawn, full of wonderful textual fun and games, an early entry in the Indian post-colonial literary movement, and a bloody riot of words.


However, a closer reading of this chapter suggests that Desani is not critiquing sexual dissidence per se, but rather, the hypocrisy of the spiritual men who encourage homosocial attachment, yet panic when that homosociality shifts into the erotic.

Some are prompted by Haterr’s hilarious Shakespeare-quoting friend Bannerji, others are solved by Bannerji’s timely intervention. Thus, the devotees of Ananda Giri-Giri are doubly hypocritical: It’s not that such writing can’t produce interesting effects. Here are some examples: Hatterr is a philosophical novel that deals, however obliquely, with such eternal conundrums as love, free will, and appearance and reality.

All About H. Hatterr – Wikipedia

Desani’s All About H. A defiant reaffirmation of the principle of Love I studied the daily press, picked up tips from the stray Indian street-dog as well as the finest Preceptor-Sage available in the land. With this neck-wear, this mystic material, I am a burrasahib! You can work your climaxes, and spectacular actions, in religious business, as in any the Burgler [sic] versus the Burgled class-war of the world.

But here is a remarkable quality of the poem — that hattterr see this Love, not as an abstraction, but a warm, endearing personality, enduring in the realm of death and enriching it with promises and hopes more concrete than anything in our material world. You simply let the language flow like the lyrics of a Calypso song, or a subdued show of stroboscopic lights.

Hatterrlies somewhere between the two assertions made in the workitself: The way I saw itmay be to write and immensely enjoyable piece; and maybe, as a akl of revolt against the British, their pure language and the bogus spiritual gurus and the Indian way of speaking English?