Alesis ADAT BRC Master Remote Control Used in a non smoking environment. Free shipping within lower 48 Master Remote Control, w power, midi . Alesis BRC (Big Remote Control) works to synchronize and remotely control the functions of ADAT machines, Alesis HD’s and more. This can sync ADATs. People who viewed this item also viewed. Alesis ADAT BRC Master Remote Control W/stand and cords&cables · Alesis ADAT BRC Master Remote C $

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I’ve had my HD24 for about a week now, and have been attempting to see what it will and will not do. Here’s what I have done so far: I’ve had it on and running for about 33 hours straight. I’ve also backed up songs to the other drive, had it read clock from my PSX, named songs, locate points, etc.

But the BRC thing is like this: In this case, there is no lock until I stop and try brcc. Anyone else had these problems? Do you have the latest firmware for the BRC? Also, Alesis told me, a few months ago, that they are working on a remote specifically for the HD Projected ship date for the MRC is early ’03, so there’s really no way to know when for sure You’re not alone on this.

When recording a new song, I have to “stripe” the HD24 a few sec’s using the front-panel buttons. So I start my songs at I cannot type in locate times longer alesie The hr-digits reset to And yes, I have the 2.


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Coming from the analogue world I still like the HD24 very much for the sound, the handling alrsis and the edit functions.

Haven’t regretted my Big Step a day. Thank you, Frits, for that reality check. Guess I’m not insane after all After reading in many places for instance, the current EQ mag that the BRC interfaces “seamlessly” with the HD24, alesid real truth comes out.

I STILL would have purchased this machine even if I knew this 2 weeks ago, but I’m a little suprised that I wasn’t able to find any of this info beforehand. I asked pointed questions on this board, in factbut had no warning nevertheless.

Am hoping that Alesis is planning to fix these bugs regardless of the fact that the MRC will one day arrive. According to Ty at Alesis, projected release date is around early quite a while to wait for the new box. Let’s get Alesis’ phone lines warm with some calls to tech support, yes? I have found this to be true of lots of reviews in mags. Sometimes lots of info.

Some can’t seem to get that right.

Seems to be changing, s-l-o-w-l-y. Some day these folks will learn through competition I suspect that it is just as important what a product does not do correctly. Want one great illustration? Go back to mag reviews of Cubase. Then get a copy and go to their website for acknowledged problems.


Bgc is just an example. Software in particular seems to go this way. Alesjs for example doesn’t the reviewer go on line and try to replicate some of the problems being experienced? Maybe what we need are equipment “tests” not “reviews”.

Good luck with the new recorder! Yes, it would be a little less transparent aesis the ‘reviewers” at least re-worded more of the corporate copy they are fed.

NO, that’s for the owner to discover.

Anyway- I AM really ejoying this box, warts and all. The clients loved how quickly I could get to the takes they wanted to hear. No failures, no problems.

Alesis BRC ADAT remote Reviews & Prices | Equipboard®

Sound quality was comparable but different to the Apogee PSX also in use. Found a few more not BRC related software bugs, but nothing that stops the session or hurts the data.

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