ADTRAN SHDSL • User guide • Download PDF for free and without registration!. Led indicator functionality, Description, Compliance • Read online or download PDF • ADTRAN SHDSL User Manual. View and Download ADTRAN description online. NTU 2-Wire/4-Wire AC Powered. Server pdf manual download.

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Off Green Yellow Red.

Express 6540

Unit is powered sdtran Port is trained; no active alarms Port is trained with a minor active alarm. Port is attempting to or is trained with a major alarm.

Port is not active Active Port with no active alarm Active Port with a minor alarm. Active Port with a major alarm. Port is not active Active Port with no active alarm Active Port with an active alarm condition.


Nx64K port is not active or when active, V.

Nx64K port is inactive or when active, V. Local Loop is not active Active Local Loopback on the selected port Active Local Loop on one or more ports or services when no port is selected.

The has the addtran features:.

Housed in a standalone plastic case. Provides four front panel recessed pushbuttons, and eight front panel LED indicators.


Provides a rear panel connection for local AC power. Selection choices cycle through the. No Port, Nx64k, G. If a BERT is.

Data Ops – O&M: ADTRAN Express Setup Guide – (G to Nx64 2MBps)

If a port is selected and there are no local loops, press the. BERT on the selected port. Selection choices cycle through the following order: If a BERT is in progress, press the button to inject a single bit error.

If the Nx64K port or G. Complain wrong Brand wrong Model non readable.