About Abandonment to Divine Providence by Jean-Pierre de Caussade Jean Pierre de Caussade was one of the most remarkable spiritual writers of the. Abandonment to Divine Providence. With Letters of Father de Caussade on the Practice of Self-Abandonment. By: Jean-Pierre De Caussade. Abandonment to Divine Providence has ratings and reviews. booklady French writer JEAN PIERRE DE CAUSSADE () believed that the.

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I felt like I had divime my understanding of God by reading this book. This year df compilation of Fr Jean-Pierre de Cassade’s letters and notes deserves a great deal of respect for its author’s depth of devotion to a doctrine predominated by living in an abandonment only to God’s will. It is by the apparent withdrawal of these sensible gifts that He prepares the way for that great gift which is the most precious and the most extensive of all, since it embraces all others. Be in the present.

Published April 15th by Cosimo Classics first published Caussade I remembered that at core, all problems are essentially spiritual because we are spirit.

Caussade provides great comfort and direction in learning to enter into God’s rest as jean-pierge in chapter 4 of Hebrews. S11 The Strength of Simplicity.

We must also fulfill the duties imposed on us by our state in life and quietly follow any impulses coming from God. The soul of Jesus Christ received these directions at every moment, and acted upon them externally. The finding of the divine action in all that occurs at each moment, in and around us, is true science, a continuous revelation of truth, and an unceasingly renewed intercourse with God. Doors in the Walls of the World.

I conjure you to do this, as in this way you will induce God to deal favourably with you and to help you in every way. It constantly circles back to the gentle reminder we have but one three-fold duty—to abandon ourselves to His Will, trust Him in everything and live in the Present Moment.


Abandonment to Divine Providence

I strongly encourage anyone serious about their faith journey to give this book a read and see what sort of immediate impact it has on your life, all areas of your life.

The Life of Faith Chapter 4 I. It benefits by all their efforts, and what is meant to degrade it only increases its virtue. Written as pprovidence set of letters for the sisters of the Visitation in France, the book focuses on surrendering sbandonment will to God in whatever state of life one finds oneself in, in whatever moment.

The letters offer many concrete examples of how to find God’s will in your life and how to put it into practice. Caussads that God sees that their intentions are good he ignores the rest and accepts as done that which they would infallibly have done had they been strengthened by a clearer insight” However, jewn-pierre examined carefully, de Cassade’s teachings of ascetic abandonment to divine providence are so esoterically extreme they will not receive sympathetic response from most seekers in this age of rampant self-centredness, ego worship and instant solutions.

Abandonment to Divine Providence

If we read Molinos and then Caussade, we shall inevitably be struck be a similarity in their thought. Every sentence and paragraph compels the reader to analyze and reanalyze, to perceive an existence so ruled by God’s will that it becomes devoid of even the smallest expression of self will. Now this fidelity is equally within each one’s power whether in its active practice, or passive exercise. In fact the sections in the book are: View all 6 comments. All things work together for our good if we let Him work in our lives.

Open Preview See a Problem? Caussade’s major point is A classic of western spiritual reading, this little book was compiled from the letters a French Jesuit priest wrote to the nuns of a convent in Nancy, France in the early 18th Century. There are proper seasons for reading special books.


I found this book to be very timely. S6 The Treatment of the Divine Action.

A further quote on this topic of reading is: Self-Guidance a Mistake IX. John of the Cross. Very helpful foreword by John Beevers in this edition to forestall objections that might identify de Caussade with Quietism. He knows the way. It is for your to direct everything.

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When we are obsessed in spite of ourselves by these worrying revisions let us be abandonmsnt in making a continual sacrifice of them to the sovereign Master. The soul in the state of abandonment knows how to see God even in the proud who oppose His action. I look forward to my kean-pierre alone absorbing these Christ-like words which reassure me that all I need to do is surrender to Him and love.

View all abbandonment comments. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The active practice of fidelity consists in accomplishing the duties which devolve upon us whether imposed by the general laws of God and of the Church, or by the particular state that we may have embraced.

I love this book. This book should be on everyone’s bookshelf who is seeing the Way and desires to serve God better. My difficulty is not that I found anything particularly erroneous about the advice the Fr.