Le Bon Vivant: Part 03 – Why Do We

This is less about curations and more about the curation of your own travels – as a whole.

Why do we do it. I mean, really?

Why do we travel?

Throw away the obvious of “seeing something new” or “getting …

Tip O’ The Week: 11.18.16

We like tips.

You like tips.

In fact, not to be a big know-it-all, but we’re pretty sure that since the invention of tips, no one has ever said “Ugh. I HATE tips.”

Tips are great!

And iPi works even …

Le Bon Vivant: Part 02 – Le Pure Cafe

I’ve been to Paris a lot of times.

[It helps that my godparents live here and I have a room whenever I visit.]

Meaning, I’ve been to a lot of cafes. Cafes, bistros, brasseries, bars, pubs – a good handful.…

Tip o’ The Week: 10.03.16

Some tips can be about what to order.

Some tips can be about what time to go.

Some tips can be about how to even find the spot.

But user Bill Cheatham’s tip on Atlanta’s “Pasta Da Pulcinella” is our …

Le Bon Vivant: Part 01 – Hello


I’m Aric S. Queen – iPi’s … erm … well, we all have a lot of hats, so I’m not really sure what my title would be. The bossman refers to me as a “bon vivant”, so let’s go …