What is Boxing Day, really?

The Christmas tree now looks out of place and there are no friends stopping by to wish you “Happy Holidays” and getting up this morning wasn’t quite as special as it was 24 hours ago.

So what are you going to do – mope around all day?

No you are not. You’re going to ignore those dirty dishes from yesterday’s green bean casserole attempt, not to mention the pile of wrapping paper you keep telling yourself you’ll use again, you’re going to shower and head out for…

Boxing Day!

Hold up, what’s with the raised eyebrow and quizzical look? You don’t know about Boxing Day?

Oh my. Then let us learn you:

Boxing Day was originally a Commonwealth bank holiday, but has since been adopted [albeit, not completely officially] by other countries. Its roots go back to Victorian times, but that’s when it gets hazy [I mean, who wasn’t a little hazy during Victorian times, am I right?]. Some folks will tell you it’s when churches would place boxes outside for donations, others will tell you it’s when house staff was given the day off [obviously not on Christmas], along with a holiday “bonus” of sorts – a large box containing food, hooch and other gifts.

Whatever the basis, it’s now just an excuse to meet up with friends [see: possibly escaping 3 straight days with all the family under one roof], and hoist many, many drinks in celebration. It’s all the fun of New Year’s Eve, but without the sh*tshow of New Year’s Eve… and it’s day drinking, which is much more fun anyway.

So where will you be today, now that you just learned of a new holiday? Curate your favorite daytime spot in iPi and then – in the comments section – be sure and include the words “Boxing Day” so we can tally up the country’s best.