Tip O’ The Week: 11.18.16

We like tips.

You like tips.

In fact, not to be a big know-it-all, but we’re pretty sure that since the invention of tips, no one has ever said “Ugh. I HATE tips.”

Tips are great!

And iPi works even better when you include one or two of them in your curations. It takes an-already fantastic curation and turns it into a little piece of travel gold.

So take the tip when you curate and let us know what to order. Who to ask for. Where to sit. Which room to stay in. What time to get to the thing. Etc.

And speaking of tips, let’s give it up for Valentina Vitols this week for bringing in winter with a stew recommendation that makes us wish that November would last for 3 months [should probably be careful what we wish for]. But just look at that down there!

And herein lies the magic of iPi. You know Valentina and you know she knows food and she leaves a tip so now all you gotta do is sit right down at Tasty n Sons and order this beautiful dish.

Wonderful when it all works out, isn’t it?