Le Bon Vivant: Part 03 – Why Do We

This is less about curations and more about the curation of your own travels – as a whole.

Why do we do it. I mean, really?

Why do we travel?

Throw away the obvious of “seeing something new” or “getting outta town”, what is it that has us spending money to go to strange places with strange sounds and a strange language. What is it that keeps us going back?

I’m willing to guess it’s because it’s different.

It is for me, at least.

Which begs the question: If you’re going somewhere for it’s difference to your norm, then why are we leaving where we go up to people we don’t know?

“Here he goes again with the whole ‘Who do you trust’ tirade” you might be thinking.

And you’re right.

Travel is a precious thing.

Money is something we work hard for.

So to think that when we land, a few clicks of our phone and the millions of opinions that fly in – 99.999% of which are people you don’t know – and then expect that to enrich our travel experience is ludicrous, to say the least.

This isn’t a rant against you. We all do it. In fact, here at iPi, we all did it so much that finally someone was like “Wait a minute – this is insane!”

Trust is the most paramount thing we can exchange.

So let’s start only giving it to the people who have earned it.

Life, love, and the pursuit of strange places depends heavily on it.

More next week.