Le Bon Vivant: Part 02 – Le Pure Cafe

I’ve been to Paris a lot of times.

[It helps that my godparents live here and I have a room whenever I visit.]

Meaning, I’ve been to a lot of cafes. Cafes, bistros, brasseries, bars, pubs – a good handful.

Meaning, I have my favorites and it’s really hard to peel me away from them. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good adventure – snacks, architecture, walks. But don’t go messing with my cafes. I know the seat I like and the little cookie they serve with an espresso and Thibault the bartender has been known to over-serve me on occasion. Meaning – again – don’t mess with my cafes.

Especially if you’re a stranger.

Even if I wasn’t an iPi user and part of the team, you can be sure that – should my cafe be closed – I would NOT go online trying to find one. That just doesn’t make sense. Strangers don’t know what I like. And I don’t know them.

However, the other day, I was to meet a friend in the 11th. She was new in town, but had found what she considered to be “the best cafe she’d ever been in”, so – despite my favorites – I obliged her. She was my friend and I know she had good taste.

And lemme tell you, ain’t I glad I did.

Because I now have a new favorite cafe in Paris.

Le Pure Cafe.

In the 11th.

The greatest cafe in Paris.

To give away all of the reasons why would a] show my inability to write its magic and b] take away the magic from experiencing it yourself.

But trust that it’s the greatest cafe in Paris.

That’s right – Mister Charlie Big Potatoes up there bragging about his godparents and his knowledge of Paris and all of the best cafes – that guy – found a new favorite cafe because he trusted his friend.

And that’s what it’s all about right? Both the way we should travel and why we made iPi.

I thought I knew everything.

I did not.

But I trusted a friend and my experience in a city was bettered for it.

So I beg of you a few things:

  1. Don’t ever assume that you know a city.
  2. Don’t leave such precious things as enjoying a day up to the advice of the anonymous.
  3. Trust your circle.

More next week, hopefully with less egg on my face.