Le Bon Vivant: Part 01 – Hello


I’m Aric S. Queen – iPi’s … erm … well, we all have a lot of hats, so I’m not really sure what my title would be. The bossman refers to me as a “bon vivant”, so let’s go with that.

As you know, iPi was founded on the basis of traveling with trust. I’ve been fortunate enough to have been doing it for almost 2 decades, and I can honestly tell you that had something like iPi been around when I first left the US, my experience would have been a whole, whole lot richer. See, back in those days [this was even before the internet, if you’ll allow me to date myself], it was a whole lot of trial-and-error. A whole lot. I spent a lot of time wandering aimlessly around a new city just trying to find a real, authentic and delicious meal. I didn’t speak enough of the language to even explain what it was I wanted. Then came the internet and sure, it opened the world right up, while – at the same time – made it a whole lot smaller. But information overload soon took over and now it’s considered a perfectly normal thing to look up a spot on Yelp or TripAdvisor and make the choice of where to eat purely on a stranger’s recommendation.

Think about that for a second. No wait – we did the thinking for you. Have you seen the new comic we’ve commissioned? Check it.

Funny? Sure. But it also is the sad reality of these days.

We’ve let things like meals, drinks, beds and activities be determined to us by absolute and complete strangers.

That’s nuts.

Like, seriously nuts.

And that’s why we formed iPi. Your circle. People you know. People you can trust. You see your friend Jenni’s curation near you and you eat there because you know Jenni and she always picks good spots to eat.

Simple, really.

Anyway, I’m in Europe for the next few months and I’m going to be curating a few of my favorite cities: Paris, Berlin, London, Ghent and a few more.

I’ll also be checking in here once a week to really show you how iPi can work for you when you’re on the road [or hosting people who are traveling].

But just in case you haven’t done what tens of thousands already have, download iPi today [on iTunes or Google Play] and have a play around with it.

We’re excited about this new way of traveling and we hope you are as well.

See you next week. And – until then – travel with trust.

Aric S. Queen