iPi for Health? Absolutely.

Is iPi a travel app?

Yes. Yes we are.

But “travel” isn’t just limited to vacations. It can mean anywhere from Timbuktu to just down the road from your house.

And it is also about lifestyle, about how we go about making decisions on things that we’re not entirely sure of.

Thus – trusting our circle. And trusting them to help us live a healthier lifestyle.

For example, in a recent article dealing with why many Americans are broke and overweight, a MarketWatch study showed some staggering numbers:

But you’re probably thinking “How does iPi factor into this?”

Good question.

When you think of why we waste money, a large factor that many might not consider is that whatever purchase we’re talking about wasn’t researched. You see the shoes. You buy the shoes. The shoes turn out to be of bad quality, or overpriced. The same can be said for food, for drink, for anything, really.

However – if you would have leaned on your own trusted circle before making those decisions, you would most-likely have been in a better place – a better mindset, even – to continue with the purchase.

Think your friends would send you to a restaurant that is overpriced? That you’ll end up considering to have been a waste? Absolutely not. They know you and you trust them and they’re going to send you to a place that is a perfect match for you. Same with hotels. Same with drinks. Same with attractions.

So – while we’re not claiming that iPi is better for your health, we are saying that the fundamentals that iPi was built upon can.


And we cannot stress enough how important that is.