iPi Curates the Sum of Users’ Haves, Needs and Dreams With New Lifestyle App

Lifestyle curation app iPi launched today, introducing a streamlined way to curate the possessions and places that make up an individual’s aspirations and inspirations. iPi arrives just in time for the holiday shopping season, enabling its users to share their personalized curated galleries with friends and family. The app is available for free download in the Apple App Store and in the Google Play store.

“I wanted an easy way to collect and share all my favorite things and places with family and friends, not to mention, my holiday wish list,” said iPi Founder Ken Woolcott.

iPi simplifies spontaneous curation by enabling users to add items and places to their personalized galleries in an on-the-go manner. Users populate their galleries through text- and voice-based searches, which combine data from Google with personalized input from the user.

Items and places are categorized based on emotions a�� a distinguishing factor for iPi’s user base. Users populate their galleries based on purchases they want to make or places they want to visit (“Needs”), a gift they want to receive or a place they dream of visiting (“Dreams”), or the items and places they already love (“Haves”).

iPi’s “explore” feature helps users discover new places through location-aware search and curated neighborhoods. iPi users can follow each other, and they can also follow specific neighborhoods to view updates and new opportunities in their feeds.

As iPi’s user base grows, additional features will be added to the app in order to encourage and enable continued discovery and curation.