Facebook Suggestions. Sound familiar?

Before we go any further, it should be said that we like Facebook.

And it should be said this isn’t slam against Facebook.

Did you hear that, Facebook? Got nothin’ but love for ya, papi.

However, a new feature rolled out not too long ago that had us all quite happy – Facebook’s “Recommendations”.

Basically, it’s an easier way to get answers from your circle – normally revolving around travel.

Hrm. Why does that ring a bell?

Oh that’s right. We’ve been doing it for more than a year.

Now – again – we’re not throwing shade at Facebook. When the evil overlords take over, the first to go will be those who spoke ill of Facebook. And that ain’t us.

However – what they’re doing – the most powerful site in the world – is clunky. Messy. Too many hurdles. Too many clicks. Too many suggestions to sift through and then you have to look it up online and then map it and… You get the point.

What iPi has done is that exact thing, but all in one app.

You’re going to Chicago?

Search “Chicago” and then BOOM – all of your friend’s suggestions show up in one place.

Some of them catch your fancy? Then BOOM – you take a slice and it’s saved to your account.

You land in ChicagoA�and want to check it out? BOOM – the map pops up.

You’re in the restaurant and don’t know which tasty bite to order? BOOM – there’s Mary – your co-worker’s – suggestion.

Could it get any easier?

We don’t think so.

So use Facebook to catch up with friends and argue politics and stuff, but when it comes to trusted recommendations…

We got you.