2016 – “That” Year. Some Thoughts.

It’s easy to jump on the “2016 was the worst” train.

I know I have, and probably will again.

A lot of bad stuff went down this year and we all felt it. We lost musical legends. The country turned mean. Violence the world over. MoreA�stars left us. And a few days ago one talented mother died of a broken heart because her talented daughterA�had passed. Plus aA�lot more.

And no one is going to fault you if your final thought going into 2017 is something along the lines of “2016, go [explicit] yourself.”

No one.

However… however. There is something incredibly important to keep in mind. And I know what you’re thinking – “He’s going to tie this into some positive outlook and manage to work iPi in there somehow” and you’re right. I absolutely am.

First – the positive outlook. Just as the worst reviews of the movie are the ones you’re going to listen to, so are the terrible things happening in the world right now going to make headlines. That’s how media works and I’m not telling you something you don’t know. “Everything is great!” has never appeared on the front of a magazine. It doesn’t work like that. But there is a most-beautiful and amazing world out there just waiting on you to experience it. There are smells and sites and snacks and conversations that will change you as a person for the better, and they’re not too far away from where you sit right now. There are adventures in your own city and there are explorations in your own state and there are sagas in your own country – all of which are waiting on you to simply show up.

Next – the iPi tie-in. This is an app founded by people who travel a whole bunch. People who saw an area that wasn’t being supported. We realized that the best things out there do not come from a stranger, but come from someone who know you and know what you like. And these best things will – in turn – bring you closer to that person who sent you there, thus enriching your own friendship. And we created iPi so that others can do the same based on what you discover.

So yeah, while you might not want to focus on the good [and again, no one is blaming you], there is a lot of good to focus on. There’s more good than bad, actually. And we beg of you to curate and share it.

But the begging is notA�so that we can get rich.

It’sA�so that your world – and the world around you – can.